BJP launches ‘Modi ko chunte hai’ campaign for 2024 Lok Sabha Election

Lok Sabha Election

NEW DELHI: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Thursday launched its poll campaign for the upcoming Lok Sabha Election 2024 with a new slogan, “Modi ko chunte hai,” (let us choose Prime Minister Narendra Modi).

The campaign was launched in the presence of PM Modi, with party president JP Nadda releasing the theme song in a 2-minute, 10-second video, “Sapne Nahi Haqeeqat Bunte Hai, Tabhi Toh Sab Modi Ko Chunte Hai.”

During the campaign launch, which was done at the First Time Voters Conclave, NaMo Navmatdata Sammelan, a music video was released that showcased how Prime Minister Modi has turned the dreams and aspirations of crores of Indians into reality.

The campaign song says India’s situation was deplorable and then the country chose NaMo (PM Modi) as the PM.

Namo kept his promise and the dream of a developed country did not merely remain a dream. Namo chose the right paths and weaved reality, not a dream. That’s why everyone chooses Modi, the lyrics go on…

JP Nadda, while addressing the NaMo Navmatdata Sammelan, conveyed this message on behalf of everyone to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“In Your Adept Leadership, a historic event occurred on January 22, a 500-year struggle finally had an end. For this consecration of Ram Lalla on the 22nd, heartfelt congratulations to you from all of us.”

“Today, a beautiful presentation is also being made, allowing us to see in a small presentation the aspirations of the youth who think for the country and have dreams for the country. When we express it in words, we say, ‘Sapne Nahi Haqeeqat Bunte Hai, Tabhi Toh Sab Modi Ko Chunte Hai,” he added.

Talking about ‘Saksham Bharat’, BJP party president JP Nadda said, “Prime Minister Modi Ji has set a significant goal for us, and that goal is to build a ‘Saksham Bharat’, ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’ and a ‘Viksit Bharat’. Only a great leader like Modi Ji can help realise this goal. We have a firm belief that under the visionary leadership of Modi Ji, India will soon become a developed country.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi connected virtually at the First Time Voters Conclave and highlighted the power of the ‘full majority government’.

“Today, India’s glory shines highly on the global stage. When I meet and greet global leaders, it’s not Modi but 140 crore Indians who represent India, who represent this great nation. Today, India stands strong and resilient, more than ever before. Notably, this is the power of a poorna bahumat sarkar’,” PM Modi said.

Talking about the current circumstances of the country, PM Modi said, “The conditions prevailing in the country 10-12 years ago had made the future of India bleak. You may not even be aware of the conditions of those times. The generation before 2014 had given up hope in the possibilities we are talking about today. But today, the circumstances have changed! From the ramparts of the Red Fort, I stated that ‘yehi samay hai, sahi samay hai.’ And this holds true today. You read the newspapers, and you will get to see India shine and make big strides in one sector after another.”

Emphasising the importance of every vote in a democracy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged young voters and said that when the country is working to become a ‘Viksit Bharat’ by 2047, your vote will decide the direction of India.

While addressing the youth, he said, “My youth of India, please join the MY Bharat organisation. You can also keep sending me your views and suggestions through the NaMo app as to how the BJP’s resolution letter should be in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, especially what should be included in it for the youth.” PM Modi said.

Earlier, the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, extended greetings on the occasion of National Voters Day.

The Prime Minister posted on X, “Greetings on National Voters Day, an occasion that celebrates our vibrant democracy and is also a day to encourage people to register as voters if they haven’t already. (ANI)

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