BLACKOUT – Book review of a debut novel

BLACKOUT – Book review of a debut novel

Capt Krishan Sharma
India Post News Service

“Blackout” starts out strange and gets stranger, in the best way possible. (The work of fiction relays, which Arya has crafted to be intelligent and authentic piece of action based thriller.

The book is about a high school kid being kidnapped on the last day of his school summer holiday. He was then taken and introduced into a secret society called ORION and chosen to be a member. Soon he found out that his father was also a member and part of this secret mission. His journey moves from one situation to another and finally comes in contact with a field agent who guides him to his assignment, as all are expected to follow, after intense training with arms and self-defense. He was assigned to MISSION BLACKOUT.

He was supposed to stop his father’s main rival Lenkin’s plan to create havoc by hacking the network towers in Nashville, Tennessee and cause a BLACKOUT. He finally managed to stop with the help of his companion Kate who he meets during his training. During the mission Kate was shot and wounded but survives.

Arya Karwa seamlessly combines contemporary realism with fiction, blurring the edges ino a way that highlights that place where stories and real life convene, where fiction contains truth and the world as it appears, is false; where just about anything can happen, particularly in the pages of a very good book.

It’s a captivating debut for a High School student of Woodstock School in Mussoorie, India with his first book published by Blue Rose Publishers the book is available on Amazon.

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