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Writer, director and actor Prabhakar Sharan after the successful release of his hit film across all of Central America in February 2017 “Enredados, La confusión” (Entangled: The Confusion) will now debut with his film in all of the USA, South America and India markets.

Sharan is the first Indian to act as hero in a Latin American movie. His Spanish film is also the first Latin American film made with the typical Bollywood recipe of songs and dance. Sharan’s debut in Costa Rican film has been an extreme hit. However it was not always this way as he was originally rejected by Bollywood. Prabhakhar, who is paired opposite popular Costa Rican television hostess Nancy Doble in the film, plans to release Enredados: La Confusion in English, Hindi and Bhojpuri as Ek Chor, Do Mastikhor in March or April this year.

“Enredados, La confusión” displays extreme cross-cultural significance for all of Latin America, particularly Costa Rican, Panamanians, Columbians, Argentinians as it debuts an unexpected yet superb Bollywood mesh. With more than 1200 actors, extras, and crew members the film was shot across Costa Rica, Mumbai and Panama. Prabhakar plays a strong lead role alongside recognizable names such as Nancy Dobles, a popular Costa Rican TV hostess as a plot line heroine. Famed local actors Mario Chacon and José Castro are also featured along with American world wrestling champion and actor, Scott Steiner from Atlanta.

Teresa Rodriguez Cerdas was the Executive Producer on the project. As a founder of multiple universities she recognized Prabhakar Sharan’s dreams as her own and supported him to ensure that the project was successfully executed. Together they created the combination of two distinct genres with an artistic appeal for the masses.

“This movie is a tremendous milestone for the Latin movie industry as a whole. Never has such a large scale multicultural project been created before in Costa Rica or Central America,” states writer, director and actor Prabhakar Sharan. “It has been welcomed with open arms and with wild success in Costa Rica over the past year and I cannot wait to release it to all of Latin America. It is a time within the world when we need to have glimpsed into the windows of each other’s cultures and welcome them with open arms. This was my goal with this film. The end result greatly surpassed my expectations. We have now united two industries and created a platform where people from all over the world can be benefited.”

The film is a romantic and action-filled comedy with a stereotypical Bollywood storyline. Leo, the hero played by Sharan, carries out a large-scale robbery. He does not, however, anticipate the way that his life will change when he meets Shirley, a woman who eventually turns out to be the love of his life. Confusion begins when an accident is followed by a series of risky and hilarious situations leaving the viewer on the edge of their seats in suspense. Will Leo choose love or money when given the choice?

“Enredados, La confusión” has not only received rave reviews prior to the Latin America release but also acclaim from industry insiders and top Indian, American, and Latin American Diplomats.

“Prabhakar Sharan is the flower of my garden and he has taken the first step to open a big market in Latin America for Bollywood. The movie entertains local community in our big Bollywood style,” states Shamma Jain, Ambassador of India for Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua.

“The movie is a proud step which will create a landmark in the Latin cinema industry. It promotes our culture and it’s a fusion of Indian and Latin cinema,” states Sandeep Chakravorty, former Indian Ambassador to Peru and the Consulate General of India in New York.

About Prabhakar Sharan

Prabhakar Sharan is from Motihari, a sleepy small town in Bihar and is now settled in Costa Rica since 2002. He has distributed Bollywood movies, organized American monster jam shows and wrestling shows in Central America. As of 2017 he is most recognized for being the lively hero and Director in the Costa Rican film “Enredados: la confusion” (entangled: the confusion) and as the first ever Indian to act as hero in a Latin American movie.
Sharan was invited in December of 2017 as a chief guest judge at the 36th Miss India USA 2017 beauty pageant in the United States. Sharan is now working on the release of his second venture which he plans to shoot in India, Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico and USA.
With his next movie titled “Borders without life” he intends to show the cruel details of human trafficking. The film will dive into the risks of illegal immigration, inhumane treatment, and abuse by traffickers. Prabhakar Sharan hopes that it will help both Indian and the United States governments to educate people and show real hidden truths. He hopes that it will help to spread the message to people hoping for a better tomorrow to not risk their lives by attempting to enter the USA through illegal and life threatening channels.

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