‘Change thru Global Exchange’ meet attracts hundreds

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Dr Dayal Meshri with Prof. Hassana Alidou Ambassador from Niger

WASHINGTON DC: Change Through Exchange, a professional development program sponsored and funded by the US government, held its three-day meet from February 7 to 10 in Washington DC. It attracted global organizations with attendance close to 750 participants. There were 90 Ambassadors from 90 countries.

Dr Dayal Meshri, CEO Advance Research Chemicals in Tulsa OK, who was a prominent Indian community activist attending the event, said that it was a highly invigorating experience.
The program is the premier gathering of organizations, U.S. government agencies, and leaders in the international exchange field. The annual event is designed for participants gaining high-level insights on trends affecting the international exchange field, engaging in in-depth professional development opportunities, and building networks to strengthen international exchanges with 45+ organizations blessing this program.

As put by Mark Taplin, the keynote speaker last year, “it demonstrates how a public-private partnership can achieve results on a scale that otherwise would be impossible. And when our international visitors meet Americans—in business, in education, in government and in the media—it promotes mutual understanding even within our own local communities.”

Dr Meshri said that the program is in 50 states and Tulsa Global Alliance of Oklahoma is an active participant. In a talk to this paper, he said that “I met four members of US Congress and they assured their support for the program.” The US Congress members whom Dr Meshri met were Markwayne Mullin and Jim Bridenstine from Oklahoma, Raja Krishnamoorti of Illinois and Tulsi Gabbard from Hawai.

He pointed out that he is a corporate member and a host family. “Anywhere from 5-7 visitors at a time stay for 1-3 weeks in my guest house as well in main house. I have served as host to visitors from Eastern as well as Western Europe, Asia, East Asia, Latin America, Russian Commonwealth and Africa as well. Once I had 32 women physicians from Afghanistan in my house.”

Dr Meshri with David O’ Sullivan , Ambassador European Union (center) & Bob Lieser of Tulsa

He added that “many international activities to develop global bonding and friendship designed to bring peace and prosperity across the world are organized under this program. We sponsor people from all walks of life –
students, administrators, physicians, reporters, politicians, engineers, technologists, writers, poets, historians, businessmen, industrialists, security people “

Dr Meshri met world leaders and four US Congressmen too. He came with the impression that meetings of this type are highly beneficial for humanity in the long run.





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