Cloves: Know Their Hidden Benefits


Clove (called Laung or Nilakantha)is one of famous Ayurvedic spice and a medicinal herb used in many of cousins not only for its flavor but also for many of its medicinal properties. Using whole or ground cloves to season your food will beadding fibers, vitamins, and minerals. Cloves are high in antioxidants especially eugenol which help in reducing oxidative stress.  They also include number of essential minerals and vitamins. It promotes weight loss.

It is hot in taste but cold in nature and soothes your stomach and body. The active ingredient in the cloves is its Eugenol oil and has anti-inflammatory agent,anti-oxidants, anti-septic, anesthetic, has antibacterial properties. There is an oldest record of use of cloves as remedy for diarrhea and hernia.

Geetha Patil
Geetha Patil

What happens if you eat two cloves every day?

Clove improves oral hygiene, reduces gum inflammation, tooth pain, helps with bad breath and combats several type of bacteria and other microbes. It is used in the preparation of toothpaste because it is very effective in oral health and oral hygiene. It can be used as antiseptic at home for teeth and gum pains.

What effects cloves give inside our body?

Gastrointestinal tract: It eliminates stomach problems, nausea, and indigestion, intestinal gasses, stomachaches, and constipation; if you use two cloves every day, these all problems never affect us.

Oral hygiene: Eating cloves will help you have good oral hygiene. There will be no tooth problem, no gum problem and no intestinal problems as well since it helps in improvement of immunity of the body.

White blood cells: Use of cloves help increase of white blood cells that are directly related to our immunity. In a sense, they are always at war against illness and disease.

How cloves will give good effect to our skin?

The harmful radicals effect skin cells to age rapidly. This causes pre-mature wrinkles. Cloves are good with controlling the free radicals withtheir antioxidants and help your skin to look youthful and younger.

What are the counter indications?

  • Cloves should not be used if a woman is pregnant or lactating. Avoid cloves in these periods.
  • If you have bleeding problem then avoid using cloves

 How cloves are used in home remedies?

  • Take cardamom and cloves in 1:1 ratio. Make the powder of it and consume it daily after every meal as a mouth fresher. First of all, it removes all the bad breath from the mouth for it works as mouth freshener and secondly, aid in the digestion. Especially it helps a person who is suffering from acidity.
  • After brushing your teeth. Chew 2 cloves and engulf it after chewing them. It will be hot and bitter in taste. If you do it every day then you will become habitual of it. If you feel it is too hot then drink water
Madhumati Tyagi
Madhumati Tyagi

What are the benefits of cloves?

  1. If you want to improve your digestive power, or suffering from acidity, or blotting for long time. Then you can drink clove tea once or twice every day. It balances the kapha and Pitta doshas.
  2. If you feel often thirsty and your mouth isalsodry. Then you can chew 1 to 2 cloves per day.
  3. If you are suffering from asthma or some kind of respiratory disorders then take ½ teaspoon of cloves powder mix with honey and take it twice a day with luck warm water.
  4. If you are suffering from any kind of toothache, you can use clove oil and massage the spot to get immediate relief.
  5. In Ayurveda, clove isused forNetra hitam. It is good for your eyes. As per modern science as well, it has beta-carotene which turn into vitamin A in body to keep your eyes healthy
  6. Cloves contain a concocting agent that makes it useful both internally and on the skin. To get its benefits, chew two cloves before going to bed at night and drink one glass of water. This will help get rid of many problems including acne.

Authors: Madhumati Tyagi, Assoc. Director of Agriculture, Kalaburagi, Karnataka and Geetha Patil, Public Health Professional, Cambridge, MA

Madhumati Tyagi and Geetha Patil

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