Connecticut rally to back TDP ‘Padha Yatra’


MANCHESTER-CT: TDP supporters here conducted a “Sangheebhava Sadhassu” for the marathon “Padha Yatra” conducted by Andhra Pradesh ex-CM and TDP President Mr. Nara Chandrababu Naidu. This event with around 200 supporters was held on Saturday November 3 at NorthWest Park, Manchester-CT from 10 am to 1 pm. The event was organized by NRI TDP CT and “India Kitchen” Restaurant.
Despite the freezing cold, the supporters made the event a big success. Initially the supporters completed the Padha Yatra around the park with the TDP flags, banners, badges, “kanduvas” and NTR and Chandrababu flexies.
A rally with around 100 cars was held in the NorthWest Park. Supporters completed this rally with slogans like “Jai Telugu Desham”, “Vardhillali Chandrababu Nayakatvam”, “Johar NTR”. The supporters gathered at a place and spoke on their support to Chandrababu Naidu and his Padha Yatra.
TDP leaders from Andhra Pradesh like Kodela Siva Prasad Rao, Devineni Uma and Payyavula Kesavulu expressed their happiness for the support they get from NRI supporters.
Lunch for the supporters was provided by India Kitchen Restaurant.
Members of NRITDP Connecticut – Srinivas Yenduri, Tarani Parachuri, Gopala Krishna (Gopi), Yogesh Abburi, Srinivas Atluri and Rama Krishna Inturi – were extremely happy for the people making this event a huge success.
Recently NRITDP Connecticut organized events like ‘Candle Light for missing baby Saanvi’ and ‘Santhapa Sabha for TDP leader YerramNaidu’.

India Post News Service