Fifth ‘Golmaal’? Yes, says Rohit Shetty

Rohit Shetty
rohit shetty
Rohit Shetty

Rohit Shetty was in the midst of shooting the title song of his Diwali entertainer, ‘Golmaal Again’, at a sprawling studio in Hyderabad. Here are excerpts from a quick Q and A session:

When you helmed the first ‘Golmaal’, people were apprehensive about an action director and an action hero (Ajay Devgn) teaming up for a comedy. Given the anticipation and excitement around ‘Golmaal Again’, how do you look back at that time?

That happens whenever you try something new. Today, the ‘Golmaal’ franchise has achieved cult status. All the three installments of the film have done well. Looking back, I think I am lucky, and I’m thankful to the audience for loving us. There are so many directors around, maybe much more talented…
Like you said, there’s a lot of buzz around the ‘Golmaal’ franchise. So, how do you handle the pressure every time you gear up for a new installment?

The pressure should be there. You can’t take the audience or your success for granted. Every film is like a test, but there’s no need to get nervous about it. Just be honest and work hard; sometimes, people love your work and sometimes, they don’t. That’s the nature of the entertainment industry.

What sets ‘Golmaal Again’ apart from the previous three installments?
The movie is whackier and also, we’ve attempted something bigger and better. It’s like an adventure trip. However, we have kept the flavor of the franchise intact.

The cast of ‘Golmaal Again’ includes Tabu, who is better known for intense performances.

I was an assistant director on Haqeeqat (the 1995 Ajay Devgn-Tabu starrer), so we have known each other since then. Whenever we’d meet, she would tell me that she wants to do a commercial film like ‘Golmaal’. So, when I finished writing ‘Golmaal Again’, I thought, ‘Why not rope in Tabu for this part?’ That’s how I cast her.

You and Ajay Devgn go back a long way. What makes you two click?

We have mutual respect and understanding. Though people say that he is my friend, I treat him more like an elder brother. There is a lot of love from his side, too.

It’s too early to ask, but will there be a fifth ‘Golmaal’?

Definitely, but we have to get the right script for that. People ask me why they had to wait for seven years after ‘Golmaal 3’. The answer is, I wanted the right script and didn’t want to make a film just for the sake of making it.-Courtesy Bombay Times

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