Hindu American Foundation’s lawsuit

Hindu American Foundation

India Post News Service

CHICAGO: US District Judge Amit Mehta dismissed the Hindu American Foundation’s lawsuit against our co-founders Sunita and Raju and 3 other US activists who spoke against the political ideology of Hindu nationalism.

Hindu American Foundation’s lawsuitThis is a huge win for all who believe in religious pluralism, civil rights, and human rights!

In May 2021, the Hindu American Foundation filed a lawsuit against Sunita, Raju, and 3 other defendants, with baseless accusations of “defamation and conspiracy to defame” HAF. Why did HAF sue two fellow Hindus, one Muslim, one Christian, and one university professor?

This was a scare tactic intended to silence individuals and organizations who are bravely standing up to the rising force of Hindu nationalism–in the United States, India, and across the Indian diaspora. In a remarkable judgment, the court dismissed HAF’s lawsuit using forceful language:

“HAF fails to plausibly plead that any statement made by any defendant is verifiably false.”

“Plaintiff’s jurisdictional discovery request … amounts to a fishing expedition, is speculative, and is not made in good faith” “Accordingly, this court finds that HAF fails to plead actual malice and thus fails to state a claim of defamation against all Defendants.”