I could never show my caliber: Govinda

govindaBright clothes, sprightly dance moves and an inimitable flair for comedy – Govinda may not have had a film of late but his films still make his fans laugh. But the actor doesn’t think his films ever exploited his abilities. “It’s very shocking that I never got a film where I could show my caliber,” he says.

Govinda does, however, believe that his first innings was his best time in the industry. “That period was more successful for me but I never got the kind of director or producer who could exploit my caliber in the best possible manner.

When I started working, there were about 22-23 new directors and many producers who had started afresh. All of them were successful. Even the films that I was part of were successful even though they weren’t well-planned. Sometimes, in fact, I didn’t even shoot for them for more than 2 or 3 hours.

It has been like that with me. I never got a completely well-planned film and the ones that I planned, never got completed.”

His recent films may not have done well at the box office but Govinda is happy to have been cast in them. “I want to thank the director of Happy Ending (his last release) and to Saif Ali Khan. I must thank you all that I got a film after five years,” says the actor.

After all these years, does he have expectations from his old time pals, like David Dhawan? Govinda replies, “I depend on no one except God.”

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