I have fear of experimenting: Rohit Shetty

MUMBAI: Rohit Shetty has found the right recipe for entertaining the audience – by making grand, massy films – and doesn’t want to meddle with it by trying something small as he “fears to experiment”.
Known for his flamboyant style of over-the-top comedy and action, Rohit says it would be unfair if tomorrow he decides to make a smaller film “just to prove a point”.
“There is a fear of experimenting. I don’t want to cheat my audience. When they come for my films, they know there will be songs, ‘dialogue baazi’, action, comedy. Tomorrow, if I make a small film just to prove my point, I don’t want them to feel ‘Oh we didn’t spend the money to see this’. I am just worried about that,” Rohit told PTI.
The man behind hits like “Golmaal” and “Singham” franchise, adds, “I know if I make a small film it will not be that successful or grand, which is fine, but I don’t want anyone to get misguided and spend the money on me.”

He may have cracked the formula but Rohit says making an unabashedly commercial ‘whistle-worthy’ film comes with a lot of hardwork.
“This is the most difficult genre to make. Great film shot in a room is easier but a mass film shot on a road, with 1800-2000 people shooting action is a lot of hardwork. It is sad that commercial cinema is looked down upon. A lot of hardwork goes into it.”
While the 45-year-old director was always fascinated with action, things took a turn when his debut film “Zameen” (2003) featuring his actor friend Ajay Devgn didn’t work at the box office.
Post that, Rohit started working on a thriller with Ajay when writer Neeraj Vora narrated an idea to him of a comedy film. And that gave birth to the multi-starrer comedy “Golmaal”, regarded as one of the most successful franchises in Hindi cinema.I have fear of experimenting Rohit Shetty

“People used to say, ‘He has taken an action hero, he himself is an action director and they are making a comedy which will be a disaster’. When ‘Golmaal’ released, life changed. The whole fear of failure went away from me by a large sense.”
As he gears up for the release of his latest “Simmba” on December 28, Rohit is aware that the expectations are running high.
The director isn’t worried about the box office fate of the movie but says, he does wish to target an audience which has so far stayed away from his films.
“I am aware 20 per cent of the audience doesn’t like this kind of cinema. Earlier, I used to feel ‘It’s ok’ but now I want them by my side too. I would like when even they love my films.
“There were times when I didn’t care if a certain section of the audience or even critics didn’t like my films. I was young, riding on a high after one or two successful films but then you become mature,” he adds.
Starring Ranveer Singh and Sara Ali Khan, “Simmba” is positioned as a film within the “Singham” universe and will also see a special appearance by Devgn, reprising his role as the good cop.
“We thought ‘Let’s merge two universes’, which hasn’t happened in India. While ‘Singham’ is an honest cop, this boy is growing up to become a dishonest cop. So within the universe you have a conflict of good and bad. What you see in the trailer is a mini movie,” Rohit signs off. PTI