India experience ‘even better than U.S.’

sunny-3-april-28She has been the point of discussions across India,has swept Bollywood with her presence and taken the glam quotient a notch up with her super bold avatar.

Bollywood’s hottest newbie star Sunny Leone was in Ahmedabad for the first time to promote her upcoming film Shootout At Wadala.

ressed in a beautiful black saree she gleefully accepted, “I had saved this saree especially for Ahmedabad. I am really looking forward to meeting my fans here.” Excerpts from a chat:

You seem to be everywhere, in the newspapers, talk shows, magazines and even in item numbers. Are you enjoying all the attention?
It has been an amazing ride till now for me. The last two years that I have been in India, I have done things I never thought I’d do in my life.

ancing to Bollywood songs, doing item numbers, acting in films, going around for promotions, dressing up in sarees et al. It has all been like a dream. And who doesn’t like attention? But frankly speaking I am not the kind of person people assume me to be. They think I must be doing all crazy things all the time. But in real life I am quite the opposite. I am an easy going person.

And in between all the attention and acceptance by the audience, there has been a lot of criticism as well. How do you tackle that?
Well, I can’t stop people saying what they have to, they are entitled to have their opinion. One thing I know for sure, you will always be judged in whatever you do, and it happens everywhere. I look at the brighter side. And I can say that in a country of more than a billion, the number of people who like me are far more than who criticize me. So, why should I bother?
Do you think the criticism is harsher because of your background?

I can’t escape my background. And I don’t want to. In fact, people in India have accepted me in spite of my background, which is a great thing. That wouldn’t happen even in the US. Not that I don’t like America, but here it has been far more enjoyable than I thought it would be.

Recently, the Supreme Court accepted a PIL to make watching porn a non-bailable offense as it increases crime against women. Please comment.

It’s rubbish. Porn has been there for a long time, such crimes never used to happen on such scale and intensity. I don’t want to make political statements, but the fact is that if you want to do something concrete about crime against women then pornography is not the issue one should be directing the efforts and energy on. There are more serious issues that need attention.

You seem to be invariably getting into controversies regarding such issues. Your latest comment on the Delhi rape case attracted a lot of attention and so did your war of words with Kamaal R Khan. Why is that?

I can’t keep quite on such issues. I might not have been in such a situation personally, but I can imagine the plight of the victim. I was threatened to be kicked out of my home when the KRK incident happened. I was petrified. I am not as street smart as most Indians are where you can just answer back strongly if someone bothers you as I was brought up in a different environment. So these issues are close to me since I have faced the wrath.

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