India protects persecuted minorities from Islamic neighbours

India protects persecuted minorities from Islamic neighbours


Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) 2019 passed by Indian Parliament is a far reaching bill that protects and empowers non-Muslim Minorities from Islamic countries of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are constitutionally Islamic countries created from India specifically for Muslims. Pakistan had 23 per cent Hindu minority in 1947 but only 3.7 per cent Hindus left in 2011. Bangladesh had 22 per cent Hindus in 1947 and only 7.8 per cent are left in 2011. The Islamic doctrine of removal of Kafirs or non-Muslims led to ethnic cleansing by various state agencies in those countries. Pre-1919 cleansing of all minorities led to an Islamic only state in Afghanistan.

Men from Hindu, Buddhist, Zoroastrian, Sikh and Jain communities were killed, their women raped, and their children sold in Islamic slave markets.

The hatred of Muslims towards non-Muslims as taught in their religious literature led to this gross human rights violation against non-Muslims for the last 1400 years.

It is a shame for Islamic countries that non-Muslims are not safe in their countries. This is a slap on the face of current Islamic leadership of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh that non-Muslims are not safe in their countries.

It is also a message to the whole world that Islam or Islamic governments cannot protect the rights of minorities in lands controlled by their religious ideology. If the law of reciprocity is applied then Muslims will find it difficult to live in lands controlled by non-Muslims. It is the good heart and good behavior of non-Muslims that they are being tolerated by secular societies. However, since gratitude is lacking in most Muslims, it is our duty to tell them that Muslims cannot govern the lands which they have forcibly gained through religious conversion.

The word Kafir in their religious texts encourages violence against non-Muslim minorities in Islamic nations. It looks like a god-given ordainment to persecute non-Muslims and hurt their human rights.

Imran Khan Niazi is condemning Indian Parliament resolution when he should be apologizing to all minorities in Pakistan for all the religious violence his community has unleashed on them. Pakistan has lost all relevance in the world because of the extreme Islamic ideology it is pursuing to ensure its begging bowls are filled with dollars. Pakistan may well be called the first mercenary state of the planet. Any terrorist organization can hire Pakistan-trained terrorists for their criminal activities. Also, Pakistan has emerged as a favorite destination for training in Islamic terrorism. This was vouched by Imran Khan Niazi at the 74th assembly of the UN also.

India has done a historical wrong right and that is troubling the Islamic government of Pakistan. Seventy years of Islamic terror training has reduced Muslim Pakistanis to a group of haters.

Afghanistan was a Hindu and Buddhist country until 1783. After that an Islamic pogrom of violence against Hindus and Buddhists drove Hindus and Buddhists out of that country on the pretext that Islam cannot tolerate non-Muslims in their conquered territories. Where could these minorities go? There was no safe home other than their parent country India.

Afghanistan and Pakistan are today failed states because of anarchy and intolerance built into the ideology of its governance.

Some similarities between Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan: all are Islamic countries; they have no human rights for non-Muslims; non-Muslims have no equal rights as Muslims; non-Muslims are regularly denied public positions such as heads of state and judges; non-Muslim women and children are regularly violated.

If Pakistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan can have Islam as their religion of state, why not India? Why is a law of reciprocity not applied by India to these three states?

With CAB, India has protected the human rights of millions of persecuted minorities in those three countries.

For this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi should be awarded by the international community.

At the same time, the international community must punish Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh for hurting the human rights of their minorities.

Salient points of CAB: ensures legalization of citizenship of persecuted minorities in Islamic neighbors of India; ensures that citizens of India are not affected by this amendment; and it’s time for all non-Muslim nations to promulgate law of reciprocity for their citizens against these single religion countries.

(Disclaimer: Views expressed are personal to the author)