Indian immigrant entrepreneur launches memoir

DAS PUBLISHING MEMOIRPRINCETON, NJ: In her new book, From Hindustan Cables Limited: Journey of a Small-Town Indian Immigrant Woman (Das Publishing), Sharmistha Das tells the story of an ambitious girl who grew up in a 250 sq. ft home with no running water in an unknown town of Bengal, India, studied in Calcutta and became the first female engineer from her town, and worked in Thailand before coming to America where she realized her dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur and a strong, independent single mother.
She faced and overcame numerous failures, including the failure of her marriage, always recalling the words of her father, “I did not need to follow social rules to raise my daughter correctly. I need you to always do the same. Do what you feel is right.”
It’s something that few South Asian immigrant women will discuss but many experience: Divorce. Sharmistha found the courage to overcome the heartbreak of her divorce and share her story with the rest of the world. This inspiring memoir shows women how they can actually achieve their dreams of career, their dreams of family, and ultimately their dreams of a happy and healthy life, even after a divorce.
In moving prose, Das shows that anyone can fulfill their dreams, even if cultural norms seem to be against them. Her story of hard work, patience, and a loving heart will touch the soul of anyone, and, hopefully, inspire people to step out of their comfort zone.

India Post News Service

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