Indo-American singer Subhi on dealing with quarantine

Indo-American singer Subhi on dealing with quarantine
Indo-American singer Subhi on dealing with quarantine

LOS ANGELES: Indo-American singer Subhi, who currently lives in Chicago, opened up on life in the time of the novel coronavirus.

“We are all living in an unprecedented time as COVID-19 continues to evolve and impact not only the regular course of professional lives but also our personal lives. It’s a very strange time for the world because we all are going through something no one imaged would happen,” said the singer.

“Chicago has about 22,000 (COVID-19) cases. It’s definitely a rough time for the US and the world in general. Everyone is quarantined in their homes. Chicago’s Mayor had declared ‘Shelter in Place’, which means everyone is supposed to stay at home except if they need to step out for groceries and go to the pharmacy.

People are being very careful, and when they do step out everyone is maintaining social distancing. The weather in Chicago is still cold — about 2 degrees Celcius — and this has also helped in keeping people at home. Everyone here is doing their best at following orders and things are in control,” Subhi said.

On the work front, Subhi recently unveiled her song “Mehfil”, which is about the LGBTQ+ community.

Sharing what went behind the making of the track, she said: “I moved to the United States when I was in high school. As I was growing up, I understood that Love is Love. Love cannot be restricted by borders or gender or religion. Mehfil is a love song that emphasis the right to choose who you want to love.

“Everyone should be free to love who they want to irrespective of their gender, religion, caste or creed. In a world where there is so much hate, I want to create music which is feel good and positive. I collaborated with Pulkit Datta on the Music video of the song to portray this message. With Pulkit’s creative direction, we were subtly yet effectively able to portray the meaning of love we wanted the world to see. The music video has a simple message � Love who you want to love’. This song is for all communities – for mankind in general. It definitely supports the LGBT community but I wrote the song keeping everyone in mind.”

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