Jain Society Health Fair meets with big success

Patients awaiting their turn at the Health Fair
Patients awaiting their turn at the Health Fair

CHICAGO: Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago (JSMC) organized its annual Health Fair on May 4 and May 11. These two days of Health Fair provided numerous diagnostic screenings tests and health awareness education through personal consultation and use of visual aids to all the Jain community members.

During the health fair, the team of 90 volunteers including many physicians, specialists, nurses, microbiologist, phlebotomist, lab technicians, and other healthcare professionals provided their services at no cost. Over 200 JSMC members including many senior citizens benefited. Laboratory service for blood tests was conducted by Medstar Laboratories at minimum charge per person.

All the medical equipment and necessary medical supply for all kinds of screenings and tests were donated by AMSCO Medical Supply and Equipment. Dr Parag Doshi (Cardiologist) provided necessary equipment and staff to conduct Carotid Ultrasound test to screen for any existent stenosis or obstruction. Loyola University Public Health Dept. provided Bone Mineral Density test machine and staff to conduct screening for either Osteopenia or Osteoporosis.

Many doctors brought their EKG machines with their staff to conduct Electrocardiogram test to screen any irregular heart rhythm or heart disease. In addition to above, many other members offered donations. For May 4, the booths were set up with closed curtain to maintain the privacy of the patient. Delicious breakfast with freshly squeezed orange Juice was set up for all.

Two large screen projectors were showing constant updates and instructions along with recognitions for sponsors, doctors, and volunteers.

On May 11, around 200 patients benefited from free consultation services provided by experienced physicians, subject matter specialists, and other healthcare professionals. Experienced panel of physicians reviewed patients’ lab results and provided recommendation for urgent and long term health concerns. Expert cardiologists, dentists, oncologists, audiologist, speech pathologist, gynecologist, ophthalmologists, gastroenterologist, physical therapist, pharmacist, dieticians, Sujok therapist, Homeopathy expert and stress management specialists provided consultation. Blood pressure, height, weight, and BMI checkup were conducted as part of this service.

Many helped to make this Health Fair successful. Following is the core planning team for this health fair:
Vipul Shah (General Secretary, JSMC), Hitesh R. Shah (Vice President, JSMC), Himanshu Jain (Treasurer, JSMC), Dr Mukesh Doshi (Board of Trustee, JSMC), Dinesh Shah (Volunteer), Bharat Kothari (Volunteer), Mayuri Zaveri (Nurse), Dr Mahesh Shah (Physician), Dr Kaushal Mehta (Physician), Dr Hetal Gandhi (Cardiologist), Dr Shailesh Zaveri (Cardiologist), Dr Parag Doshi (Cardiologist), Dr Salil Vasanwala (Physician), Dr D. U. Shah (Physician), Dr Kirti Talsania (Physician).

Along with this core team, following doctors and specialists provided their expert services during the fair.

Dr Dilip Shah (Physician), Dr Neeru Shah (Physician), Dr Pravin Shah (Physician), Dr Mandakini Pokharna (Physician), Dr Rujuta Gandhi (Physician), Dr Avani Shah (Chiropractor), Dr Ishwar Patel (Gynecologist), Dr Payal Trivedi (Dentist), Dr Monil Shah (Dentist), Dr Reena Shah (Dentist), Dr Lata Jain (Audiologist), Kushalraj Singvi (Audiologist & Speech Pathologist), Dr Jagadish Shah (Hematologist and Radiation Oncologist), Dr Bharat Jailwala (Radiation Oncologist), Dr Parag Majmudar (Ophthalmologist), Dr Jill Zaveri (Ophthalmologist), Darshana Vyas (Dietician), Dipti Shah (Dietician), Pina Shah (Physical Therapist), Usha Doshi (Physical Therapist), Nisha Jani (Pharmacist), Shilpa Shah (Pharmacist), Smita Shah (Sujok Therapist), Smita Gandhi (Homeopathy expert). Alexian Brothers Cancer Institute provided cancer related educational material.

JSMC thanked all who helped to make this amazing community service project successful.

Suresh Shah

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