Kapil Sharma

MUMBAI: Comedian and actor Kapil Sharma, who is gearing up for his streaming debut on Netflix with the stand-up special ‘Kapil Sharma: I’m Not Done Yet’, has shared some anecdotes from his struggling days.

In a candid conversation Kapil said: “I had no plan as such. People will laugh if I tell them how I started. Maine pehle BSF ke liye try ki, fir army mein gaya (I first tried in BSF and then army), my father and uncles were part of the police force.”

“But Papa kaafi musicians ko jante the and ended up introducing me to them (my father knew many musicians and ended up introducing me to them.) He wanted me to do something big or maybe creative in life.”

Recalling his first time in Mumbai, Kapil said: “I remember the first time I came to Mumbai with my friends. We would roam around Juhu Beach looking out for directors as if they had nothing better to do in life. From then to now – things have changed so much.”

“That’s Mumbai, that’s what it does. It gives scooterwalas like me an opportunity to stand on a stage and entertain people.”

The star comedian went down memory lane and said: “Mujhe yaad hai mai bilkul naya tha Mumbai mein (I remember I was very new in Mumbai) and was unaware of what was coming my way, making my way through the bustling streets of Mumbai, only dreaming of being where I am now.”

‘Kapil Sharma: I’m Not Done Yet’ is releasing on January 28 on Netflix. IANS