Kashmir epicentre of Indian conscience: Vivek Agnihotri

Kashmir epicentre of Indian conscience Vivek Agnihotri

NEW DELHI: “The Kashmir Files” director Vivek Agnihotri on Tuesday said Kashmir has been the epicentre of the conscience of India since centuries.

“The philosophy of Shiva which is being admired across the globe was born in the Kashmir Valley. Shaivism and Buddhism emerged in Kashmir,” he said here at an event organised by the Global Kashmiri Pandits Diaspora to felicitate him and his team for making “The Kashmir Files”.

Agnihotri said: “Whenever you are in the valley, it gives a feeling that it is the centre of the universe. One cannot understand the universe without knowing Kashmir.”

“The Kashmir Files is not much focused on the truth of Kashmiri Pandits as they are themselves a living truth. But the film has brought the truth of anti-humanism which we call terrorism. That is the reason people are criticising the film,” he said, adding terrorism has become a trade now.

“… one part is talking about the humanity in the film and another is advocating for terrorism. I don’t find anything which is worth of being criticized in the film,” he said.

“The day we will realise the essence of Kashmir, and the motive to destroy Kashmir, terrorism will end in the valley,” Agnihotri said while addressing the gathering.

“Not even a single time, the term Pakistan has occurred in the film. The film just narrates the pangs of those families who were the victims of terror attack. It does not have any type of communal, and hate speech,” Agnihotri said, adding: “The success of film shows that if truth is told honestly, people accept it. We have not maligned anyone in the film.”

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