Kejriwal is not a brand in Delhi, I am Manoj Tiwari


NEW DELHI: Bharatiya Janata Party Delhi president Manoj Tiwari on Wednesday said that Arvind Kejriwal is not a brand in Delhi, rather he is, and this has been proven by the Aam Aadmi Party and Kejriwal himself through their campaigns.

Tiwari said that the party has not declared the Chief Minister candidate and this will be decided after the party wins the Assembly elections.

While talking to IANS, Tiwari said: “Using Manoj Tiwari brand in its electoral campaign, the AAP has shown that Manoj Tiwari is a brand not Kejriwal. I am working as BJP President in Delhi. I earn money by singing, acting, dancing etc. I have a brand value. So, if Kejriwal will have to pay Rs 500 crore for using my face in their campaign, I have claimed this amount under the Intellectual Property Rights Act. He will have to pay this money from party fund not from the treasury of the Delhi government.”

The AAP said that the BJP doesn’t have a CM face in Delhi, to which Tiwari replied: “Does AAP have its own face? None of their party’s candidate is seen in their campaign. They are using my face in it.”

When asked whether he is ready to take the responsibility of being a Chief Minister as he was made party President in 2016, he said: “I am party’s president in Delhi. Whenever Prime Minister comes here, I sit with him even when Union Minister Harshvardhan is senior. If the Congress and the AAP don’t understand anything after this then nothing can be explained to them?”

On the party’s strong points Tiwari said: “Is there any leader who can compete against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Party’s national president Amit Shah is also running the operations efficiently. J.P. Nadda has the ability to empower the party workers. Every BJP MP has done development in Delhi. Who will contest against all these?”

Tiwari said that the AAP is a party full of liars. He said: “When you can use forged photograph of Manoj Tiwari then all your claims are false. The whole party and their thinking is fake. The posters of schools and colleges which they use claiming that education system has improved in Delhi is fake. This has made work easier for us. We don’t have to expose Kejriwal. We only have to show a vision to the people of Delhi.” IANS