Lets do whatever it takes ! – Ayush Kumra

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Hey guys! I’m back again with another fresh day towards the goal of self-improvement. I guess from now on this has to be my favorite word! Well, today it’s the 5th Day of our 15 Days 15 Ways program. I hope you have been able to follow the regime properly along with nutrition because a healthy lifestyle is not only about exercising but eating healthy things too.

Today’s video deals with the problem of chest fat, which in some worst cases could lead to the issues of gynecomastia commonly called as Man boobs. No matter how much we accept ourselves, there are still people out there who would try every possible way of demeaning you based on your physical features especially. W

ell, the first and foremost right way to fight is by sheer acceptance towards oneself because believe it or not, you cannot change the mindset of other people in a day or so but you can achieve your self-happiness by your own self. A healthy and positive mind leads to a happy life. Also, if you think that it’s not about others but your own self who wants you to achieve a better version of yourself in terms of fitness, then there is another way to deal with this problem too. It’s EXERCISING.

You can cure the problem of chest fat to a major extent by exercising properly, eating in the right way, and keeping some important things in mind such as avoidance of processed products, soy products, etc. These might sound very basic but trust me; it is going to be effective! You just need to remember one thing and i.e. trusting the process. It might take some time initially but if you follow the regime properly, everything is achievable.

Well, if you’re wondering about what right exercises exactly are to be done? Then don’t worry! I have posted the video which would help you in targeting the chest fat keeping in mind that my audience includes a variety of people such as beginners, intermediate athletes, those who can’t work out for long, and even those who lack equipment. I have tried to cover it all but now it’s all up to you! I can give you the right guidance but the journey of self-improvement has to be traveled by yourself.

I hope you are ready to do so and keep on walking until you reach your goal. Till then, see you next time and stay safe and stay motivated.