Making a difference to one ‘Asha’ at a time

image.jpeg-webCare for the Cause is an organization that has been raising charitable funds for six years now and has been very successful in hosting marvelous charity events. These events benefit all by raising money for their chosen cause. This year, an organization Chhoti Si Asha, located in Chandigarh, India, was chosen.

Chhoti Si Asha’s mission statement says that they strive to “build sustainable livelihoods for underprivileged children and women.”

One of the events that Care for the Cause hosted this month, ‘Color for the Cause’, was held on Sunday, March 8 at the beautiful Yorba Regional Park, located in Yorba Linda. The volunteers that assisted in making this event successful and memorable were Ajita Chopra, Punita Patel, Ritu Chowdhry, Deepa Malkani, Bharti Patel, Lishma Patel, Ritu Rajpara, Mala Merchant, Bhanu Ghade, Juhi Pithia, Sangeeta Patel, Manju Saran, Reeyah Chopra and Simran Chowdhry.

There were a couple of ice breaker games along with a round of Bingo in which the 200+ guests were ableHoli-Asha to bond and have fun with family and friends. Lunch was served with Subway sandwiches provided by Ragini Patel from Subway located in Yorba Linda. Everyone then proceeded to engage in Holi festivities by filling the air with spirit and lots of Holi color! It was a well-orchestrated event that ran extremely smooth due to the volunteers’ and participants’ cooperation.

Care for the Cause would like to continue fundraising and continue making a difference to one “Asha” at a time. It plans to hold many more events throughout the year to fundraise for the underprivileged.
Simran Chowdhry is a Youth Volunteer

Simran Chowdhry

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