More Than Half of Online Casino Fans Play on a Xiaomi, Vivo, or Samsung Phones

CasinoDays Online Casino India

Computers and Tablets Are Out of the Picture

Recently revealed insider data on online casino in India and neighboring South Asian countries shows that almost no one in the region plays real money chance games from a computer or a tablet anymore.

A whole 96.6% of all players registered from South Asia on Casino Days – one of the major international licensed online casinos operating in the area, use a smartphone to play their games.

There are 2.9% users who still play from a desktop or laptop computer, and mere 0.5% separate tablets from full oblivion.

Pie Chart Devices

The proprietary data insights are shared in one of the latest research papers published by the casino platform, which is dedicated to studying which devices are used to play at Casino Days.

The authors of the research attribute the almost full decline of computers and larger handheld devices to various factors, including the growing computing power of modern smartphones coming at ever decreasing prices, especially for locally manufactured models, the affordability of mobile data plans in most major areas of the region, and a number of technical advantages offered by smartphones.

Xiaomi Leads, Apple Lags Far Behind

Smartphones by Chinese brand Xiaomi are the most commonly used devices to play online casino games in South Asia according to the Casino Days data insights, while the premium-segment iPhone brand is lagging way behind in seventh place with a share even lower than that of computers.

Devices Used to Play Online Casinos

Leading Xiaomi devices (21.9%) are closely followed by another Chinese brand – Vivo (20.79%), and South Korean Samsung (18.1%) smartphones.

The Top 6 chart is filled up by Realme (11.43%), OPPO (11.23%), and OnePlus (4.07%).

The current global second according to worldwide device shipments data – the based in Cupertino, California Apple, barely makes it to seventh position with a share of 2.29%.

At the bottom of the rankings, iPhones enjoy the company of devices by Motorola, Google, and Infinix, all of them with a share below the 2 percent mark.

Huawei, another of the global leaders, is the least preferred phone brand among Casino Days users with a share below one percent.

One OS Squashes its Competition

One striking observation that can be derived from the shared trade-secret data by Casino Days is that Android OS enjoys a far greater dominance in South Asia than in the rest of the world.

According to publicly available industry estimates, Android is used by 67.56% of world mobile users, while in the Casino Days real money players sample, this share exceeds the 90% threshold by a lot.

The fact that the Android operating system is an open-source one is the most crucial factor behind the success of this OS in the region, the researchers point out. Android’s open-source status makes it much easier for local developers to produce, register and release new apps.

Lower device costs, the seamless integration of Google Pay in the regional economy compared to its counterpart Apple Pay, and the work of countless South Asian influencers and tech reviewers who focus on Android devices, keep adding more fuel to the fire.