Never again

saifSaif Ali Khan now regrets the crass comedy and his triple role in ‘Humshakals’ which has received flaks, both from the critics and the paying public.

Speaking to Mirror, Saif admitted that he had ‘surrendered’ himself to Sajid even though he was uncomfortable with the content. “The film didn’t have a script as such, it was all there in Sajid’s mind. I did whatever he asked me to,” said Saif.
He acknowledged that stepping out of his comfort zone and putting his faith in someone else’s convictions was a mistake he regretted today.
“I did the film thinking that it will help me expand my market, but obviously that wasn’t a clever idea,” said the actor. “I was trying to be someone I’m not. The humor was not the kind I enjoy. My upcoming film, Happy Endings, is closer to the comedy I believe in and am known for.”
Asked if he was aware of the backlash of negative reviews and the adverse audience reactions, Saif said, “I was and I can understand it. The film was very regressive. In fact, while watching it, I asked myself what I was doing in it. I knew I had let my fans down and underestimated their intelligence,” shuddered the ‘shaken up’ actor.
He solemnly promised he would never do such a film again. “I’ve been introspecting a lot and will never repeat a mistake that was Humshakals,” he asserted.

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