Nisha Sharma vs Mark Desaulnier


Aditya Satsangi

The California 11thcongressional district has historically been a mixed county with its fair share of Democrat and Republican leadership in its history. The district includes many important cities such as Concord, Richmond, Pittsburg and others.

The key challenges of the district are children’s safety, environmental controls and law enforcement reforms. The district faces severe challenges in terms of veterans welfare and veterans health. The district covers nineteen cities and some parts of San Ramon and Martinez.

The other issues plaguing this congressional district is the issue of transportation. The highways and road infrastructure in this district needs a severe attention. Medical access through Medicaid for elderly population needs lots of attention. The public school infrastructure needs urgent attention. The funding of public schools is at an all time low. The law enforcement needs severe attention. The Medicaid system for elderly is almost bankrupt.

Currently, this district is led by a Democrat, Mark DeSaulnier who is a liberal-conservative. He was a liberal republican earlier. He is currently supported by Congressional Progressive Caucus, whose chief whip is Ilhan Omar, and is co-chaired by Premala Jayapal and Mark Pocan. He has sponsored 40 bills in the US congress. He has been often dubbed as a ‘Play-Safe’ politician. He has never taken any bold steps in his position as Democrat candidate in the house.

He has stayed away from any topic of national or international relevance which can capture anyone’s attention. Off late the biggest attention grabbing action that he has taken is tweeting against President Trump. He did not support either Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren’s policies. He doesn’t support Medicare for all and also a minimum  $15 minimum wage in California. He is fully in Nancy Pelosi camp. That means a corporate Democrat. How much he supports unionism is yet to be seen ! He is a liberal-conservative. He supported BLM movements to gain visibility. His health remains a major concern for his constituents.

In 2020, Mark is asking votes on following issues:

  • Hold the President accountable;
  • Grow the economy and create good jobs;
  • Ensure students receive a quality education and are not strapped with crushing debt;
  • Invest in projects to reduce traffic congestion in the Bay Area, and improve housing options;
  • Protect Medicare and Social Security, and increase access to affordable health care coverage;
  • Safeguard the environment and combat climate change;
  • Make government work for you.

In 2020, Nisha Sharma is the nominee from the GOP. She belongs to the minority American Hindu community. She has strong family values, business ethics and a strong policy background. She is a business owner and is not a career politician. She is known for taking calculated bold decisions. Coming from a family of socially responsible business owners, Nisha is well-versed with the challenges of the middle class and also daily wage earners. She is an independent business owner and also a liberal-conservative candidate. She is not a corporate supported candidate.

In 2020, She is asking votes on the following issues:

  • $15 minimum wage for all
  • The middle path between Medicare for all & Private healthcare
  • Loan forgiveness for students
  • Opposes New Green Deal because it will put $32 Trillion taxes on Americans
  • Tax deferment for middle-class especially for Minority communities who are struggling with debt
  • Investment in upgrading Mass Transit System for Bay Area to reduce traffic congestion on roads
  • Affordable housing for the homeless. Increasing new shelters for homeless
  • Pandemic Control centers for the District
  • Make Government work for all sections of society
  • Incentivize local businesses to hire more locals

Of the two candidates, Mark has been noticeably more disaffected by the issues of the constituents because he feels he is surely winning. Nisha Sharma seems to be more socially driven and a bold candidate who is willing to make decisions to bring a fresh perspective to the 11thcongressional district.

Nisha Sharma seems to have an edge over Mark DeSaulnier.

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