No smoking

Filmmaker Farah Khan says she will not glorify smoking via her films.

Filmmaker Farah Khan says she will not glorify smoking via her films.
Farah was interacting with the media on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day to spread awareness about the ill-effects of tobacco at an event in Mumbai.
At an event for Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA), Farah appreciated how the organization has been trying to spread awareness among people not to consume tobacco and cigarettes.
“As a filmmaker, I have pledged that from now onwards any actor will not smoke in my films. In my films, actors don’t smoke usually, but in Om Shanti Om, the character played by Arjun Rampal smoked a cigarette… and we all know what happened with him in the end of the film… I have made a promise that I will never glorify smoking.”

Farah’s close friend Shah Rukh Khan, with whom she has collaborated in many movies, is a smoker.
Asked about the advice she would like to give to him, she said: “See, every person is responsible for themselves. There are so many people in my family who smoke, but after a point, everybody is an adult and they know what they are doing. So, I don’t think we have to preach to anybody. I can say what I can do as a responsible filmmaker.”
Farah, who is gearing up for her next multi-starrer, recently revealed that she has collaborated with Rohit Shetty to make a remake of the Bollywood classic Satte Pe Satta. She is still finishing its script, she said. IANS