On Bangladesh’s 54th National Day, India extols deep ties with “largest development partner”

Bangladesh's 54th National Day

NEW DELHI: Minister of State for External Affairs Meenakashi Lekhi, extended felicitations on the occasion of Bangladesh’s 54th National Day as she gave a resounding tribute to the enduring camaraderie between India and Bangladesh.

Extolling the profound bonds shared between the two nations, Lekhi conveyed heartfelt regards on behalf of the Government of India and its people, underscoring the significance of the multifaceted relationship.

“Bangladesh is our largest development partner and our biggest trade partner,” Lekhi affirmed, highlighting the pivotal role Bangladesh plays in India’s economic and developmental landscape. She further accentuated the unparalleled connectivity that traverses realms of land, water, culture, and heritage, binding the two nations in a tapestry of shared history and mutual understanding.

Speaking on Bangladesh’s genesis amidst sacrifice and resilience, Lekhi lauded the nation’s journey as an inspiration for the world. “It is an honour to stand with our friendly neighbour, Bangladesh, a country intertwined with us in myriad ways,” she remarked, acknowledging the profound interconnectedness rooted in shared struggles and triumphs.

Emphasising the high-level engagement between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Lekhi lauded their warm rapport as a catalyst for further strengthening bilateral ties. “And this warm exchange has led to further exchanges between our two countries and bonding which binds the people and the countries together. And this interconnectivity needs to reflect itself in the next generation,” she said.

She underscored the need for this interconnectivity to transcend generations, fostering a robust partnership anchored in trust and cooperation.

Addressing contemporary challenges, Lekhi reiterated India’s steadfast commitment to combating terrorism and nefarious activities, affirming a policy of zero tolerance. She emphasised the imperative of adapting to evolving realities through enhanced cooperation, citing recent agreements to bolster digital infrastructure and facilitate trade transactions in Indian Rupees (INR) as testament to deepening economic integration.

“As the High Commissioner also mentioned that there is zero tolerance for terrorism which we all know come from certain areas… and that cooperation can be furthered whether it’s a digital infrastructure and recently we’ve also entered into an agreement that the trade between the two countries will be done in INR which is also going to link our economies further and deeply,” added the Union Minister of State.

Lekhi also conveyed sincere wishes for Bangladesh’s continued prosperity and success, underscoring the unwavering support of the Indian government and its people. “I wish Bangladesh through the High Commissioner the very, very best on behalf of our government, on behalf of Indian people and on my own behalf,” she also said. (ANI)

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