‘Only one Ayodhya and it’s in India’: VHP hits back at Oli

'Only one Ayodhya and it's in India' VHP hits back at Oli

NEW DELHI: The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) on Tuesday hit back at Nepal Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli for his statement on Ayodhya, saying that there is only one Ayodhya and that is in India.

This assertion came closely on the heels of Oli’s controversial claim that “real” Ayodhya is in Nepal. The VHP also hinted at “pressure” from foreign powers as the reason behind this statement that has created a row.

VHP’s Working President Alok Kumar said on Tuesday: “The present Ayodhya is the only birthplace of Bhagwan Shri Ram. Shri Ram Baraat proceeds to Janakpuri from Ayodhya every year. It’s impossible to misguide on the issue.”

He added that Hindu scriptures, janshruti, customs, traditions and history have no different view about Ram Janmabhoomi (birth place) Ayodhya.

“His (Oli’s) statement probably can’t be relied upon by anybody except himself.” Without naming China, he alleged that Oli’s statement were made “under the pressure of a foreign power”.

However, stressing on the long tradition of India-Nepal ties, the VHP leader asserted that Lord Ram & Lord Pashupati Nath are the “binding force” of their religious, cultural & spiritual relations. “It’s an unsuccessful attempt to break the unbreakable ties between the religious Hindu communities of both the countries.”

Oli controversially claimed that “real Ayodhya” lies in Nepal and not in India. He also claimed that “Lord Ram is Nepali, not Indian”.

Ayodhya is situated in Uttar Pradesh, around 135 km from state capital Lucknow.