Popular Sports Competitions To Bet On In India


Betting, or gambling on sports events, is one of the oldest forms of entertainment in India. Winning bets can boost our self-confidence and is purely addictive, and nobody can really deny the thrill that comes with it. And the emergence of countless online bookmaking platforms in the country has driven up the popularity of sports betting manifold.

Today, online gambling sites offer highly immersive gaming experiences with superiorly advanced graphics and sophisticated features leveraged by cutting-edge technologies. Besides, there are Indian bookmakers’ promo codes and bonus deals along with daily lucrative cash rewards that add to the lure of online betting. Moreover, there are abundant opportunities in the form of sports competitions that Indian bettors can take advantage of.

India is a land of diverse sporting events that take place throughout the year across seasons. But some of the most popular sports that are worth betting on in India would include –

  • Cricket

Cricket is a religion in India, so it goes without saying that it will be the most popular sport to bet on. Data suggests that cricket betting comprises more than 75% of sports betting in India. Among all other cricketing events, the Indian Premier League, or IPL, has attained maximum popularity as a high-energy and high-intensity short-format cricket. With its nail-biting suspense and electrifying ambiance, IPL is also the most popular cricket event among sports bettors. As such, there are multitudes of cricket betting sites developed around IPL so that passionate fans bet on their favorite teams and get a chance to win real money.

  • Football

Football has always featured as one of the top three favorite sports of the Indian population. While football tournaments and leagues enjoy a massive viewership, the ISL, or Indian Super League has emerged as the current top favorite. Indians are also fanatical about the major European football leagues, such as La Liga and English Premier League. With countless tournaments to watch throughout the year, the football betting population is also sharply rising in the country.

  • Kabaddi

A high-body-contact local sport that has now become a global sensation, kabaddi is enjoyed by millions of fans in India. Incidentally, India is the three-time world champion in Kabaddi World Cup in 2016, 2007, and 2004, which makes this game especially lucrative to bookmakers. And with the Pro Kabaddi League featuring star players, kabaddi as a sports betting event, is closely catching up with football. Today, football and kabaddi can be considered at par when it comes to their popularity in sports wagering.

  • Hockey

Field hockey can well be considered the national sport of India, it has always enjoyed a superior level of popularity for many years now. Both the Indian women’s and men’s hockey teams rank among the best globally. Consequently, field hockey is also brimming with loads of lucrative opportunities for those who are interested in sports betting. Betting on hockey matches and tournaments are immensely popular in leading online sports bookmakers, due to exciting offers of cash prizes and irresistible deals.

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