Positive workplace raises productivity in employees

NEW YORK: Want better output from your employees? Promoting an environment of growth for all would lead to higher satisfaction, innovation, trust and retention among workers, say researchers.
When employees feel valued for their personal characteristics and are recognized as important members, employee engagement, trust, satisfaction, commitment and retention improve, said Kim Brimhall, Assistant Professor at the Binghamton University in the US.

The findings showed that leaders who encourage every worker regardless of their educational background or job responsibilities are more likely to increase the feelings of inclusion.
This then leads to increased innovation, employee job satisfaction and quality of services in organizations.

“Leader engagement, that is, a leader’s ability to actively engage all organizational members in critical decision making, may foster a climate for inclusion and positive organisational outcomes, such as a climate for innovation, job satisfaction and perceived quality of care,” said Brimhall.
The results have been published in the journal Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly.

Brimhall hopes to develop economically practical, evidence-based tools that leaders can utilize to create work environments where employees feel included, thereby leading to overall improvement towards their job.
This would then translate to improved quality of care given to clients. IANS