Raj Bhanot honored in Jalandhar with civic reception

Raj Bhanot, Vipin Bhanot and Satnam Singh Khalsa being felicitated
Raj Bhanot, Vipin Bhanot and Satnam Singh Khalsa being felicitated

JALANDHAR, Punjab: Raj Bhanot, Human Rights Commission member of Californian city San Jose, and co-founder and trustee of the Sunnyvale Hindu Temple, was accorded a civic reception here at a special function arranged in his honor under the chairmanship of Virendra Sharma Yogi. Members of different religious and social associations took part in the event. On this occasion, Virendra Sharma Yogi revealed that Raj Bhanot was among those few Indians who have kept the flag of Indian and Hindu culture flying abroad. Even as looking after the administration of the Sunnyvale temple, Bhanot is active in protecting the human rights of Indians there.

Bhanot told the assembly that at the Sunnyvale temple all Indian festivals are celebrated with great respect and according to tradition. Diwali and Holi fairs are held with great pomp and show. He invited members of Jalandhar religious organizations to visit America. This way they would not only be able to guide us but also see what we are doing there and how successful we have been in our efforts.

Raj Bhanot was honored by different religious organizations.
Among the participants at this event were Satnam Singh Khalsa, Kamal Chatrath, Kamaljit Taneja, Jatindra Sharma, Surendra Sharma of Kesar, Banmali Kant Sharma, Shesh Sharma, Amarnath Yadav, Vijay Gupta, K.K. Bansal, Vipin Bhanot and Rahul Sharma.
Human rights

violations in China
At another event, Raj Bhanot related how Chinese Americans are ill-treated when they visit their country. They are even jailed there, he said. This was his experience as Chinese Americans had registered maximum complaints of human rights violations in the San Jose Human Rights Commission of which Raj Bhanot is a member. He said when terrorist Kulbir Singh Badapind was arrested, his commission had passed a resolution requesting Punjab Police to protest his human rights.

Raj Bhanot said his tenure is of four years and earlier also he has been a member of the human rights commission. He said the American government takes the issue of human rights very seriously. He said he once saw an American police official ill treating an Indian American. He made a video of the incident and presented it to the Human Rights Commission. As a consequence, the promotion of the said official was stopped and he was also denied opportunity to be police commissioner.

He said the Commission has 11 members of which two are Indian. Among the members are Chinese, Vietnamese and some other including Muslim countries. On receiving complaints the commission sets up an inquiry and its report is sent to the City Council. The City Council then takes up with the concerned countries the matters related to human rights violations.

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