Oman has better vibes of Arabia than Armani, more sultanate than Starbucks, more sense of Arabia than of modern clothing. Oman is considered to be the safest and most tolerant country in the Arab world. It has a 0% rating on the Index of International Terrorism.

Usually, Oman Visa for Indian is a single entry visa in most situations and it allows them to stay there for about a month. An applicant who wishes to travel can also opt for a joint visa to visit both, Oman and Dubai or Oman and Qatar.

  • People

In Oman, people are patriotic and proud to be Omanis, on the other hand, in Dubai, considering the Tower of Babel, pretty much everyone (93% to be precise) belongs to somewhere else trying to make a quick currency.

Omanis have a great heart with hospitality, taking a private tour to Oman will be fantastic in a 4 x 4 with your driver, who knows the aesthetic places for you and makes you meet their family. People who treat you like their own, and welcome you with open arms and prosperity – they have a quiet luxurious life away from too much hassle, having the time of their lives and spending them with their guests. Whereas, people in Dubai have a fast life and are too busy to take out time other than for their businesses and chores.

  • Coastline

In Oman, there are over 1000 miles of coastline, starting from the Straits of Hormuz in the North towards the Arabian Sea and the Sea of Oman, which makes Oman natural and does not have any requirement to make artificial islands as compared to Dubai.

It is great to see what’s beneath the seas. The seas have a cobalt-blue colour with a diverse coastline that consists of craggy rocks, fjords, and lengthy sand beaches that attract you with their golden colours.

  • Beaches

In Dubai, you can usually find beach clubs that have techno beats coming out of huge speakers and all sorts of people around beach butlers getting their way around others, but in Oman, the beaches are quiet and peaceful. They are remote and all deserted which is good for a romantic evening with some privacy and one can set up a barbeque and enjoy their food with their private people.

If you have a taste of discrete waiter services and padded sun-loungers, you will find the regal Albustan Hotel over the Muscat’s southern fringes most suitable, including some sound of playing fountains.

  • Mountains

The remaining parts of the monsoon coming from the northern area of India, Oman’s mountains are green due to the rain. Roses are popularly grown among the inland of Muscat city for their rose-water and when the pickers get hungry, they make some red petals disappear. The small boats can be found over the Sea of Oman, with the stunning Hajjar Mountains past the buildings which are white in colour with mosque’s minarets as they both share the borders at Hatta. 

  • Weather

Oman has a tropical desert climate which means a low annual rainfall but also prevents extremely hot summers. Through the gulf coast in the northern part, it is less humid and drier. Temperatures during the peak of summer, in between June and September reaches about 100 degrees in Fahrenheit, it can be great to visit the place off-season and prevent the blistering heat to spoil your plans.

Unlike in Dubai, eating out in the evening can be a pain with high discomfort of humidity and heat. The daytime temperatures drop in the evening as significant as 63 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit even during the peak summer months which makes the food bearable and dinners nicer and pleasant by the beaches.

  • Cost of Living

Oman is not an inexpensive place but comparing it to Dubai, it is 24% cheaper. Students coming for higher studies or people who reside there have low costs in almost every aspect compared to Dubai. Costs of utilities such as water, electricity and gas are 200% higher in Dubai. Groceries like fruits, bread, milk, etc. are about 10%-20% higher in Dubai. If you order food from any high-end restaurant it is 50% higher in Dubai than in Oman. These comparisons are made between Dubai and average prices in Muscat city in Oman. If you plan to shift from Oman to Dubai with your family, it can get expensive including the costs of education. In Dubai, education is 90% higher than in Oman.

  • Terrain

Oman has central desert plains and rugged mountains in north and south regions which can be considered as better climatic conditions than Dubai, where the coastal plain merges into rolling sand dunes from the vast desert which heads to the city where the people reside.

Air pollution is lesser in Oman compared to Dubai.