Self-care for women, the Lara Dutta way

Self-care for women, the Lara Dutta way


NEW DELHI: Miss Universe winner (2000) and actor Lara Dutta Bhupathi has turned entrepreneur. She recently launched of her own beauty brand, and is advocating better skincare for women.

She says most women are more willing to spend their hard-earned money on an array of make-up products, rather than on one that betters their skin from within. “Make-up can do wonders, but if its canvas is not healthy to begin with, then you won’t be able to correct much,” Lara told IANS in a telephonic interview.

The former beauty queen reveals that her own makeup requirements have only simplified with age.

“I use a lot less makeup than I did. I want to stop loading my skin with products just because they are out in the market. My skincare is increased and my makeup has gone down. The problem is we are constantly bombarded with miracle products which we think are going to change our lives for the better,” says the actor-turned-entrepreneur.

According to Lara, one should start taking care of their skin in one’s 20s.

“What ages Indian skin the quickest is pollution in the air, stress, the sunlight we’re exposed to. One maybe using a great cream made in America, but the American skin is entirely different. We take youth for granted. You don’t see fine lines on your face, so you don’t really invest in a consistent skincare routine,” she says.

‘Arias’ skincare range has been launched keeping in mind the dermatological needs of the Indians and includes facial toners, face washes and masks, serums, and day and night creams for the Indian skin. The products are paraben and sulphate-free and do not use animal products.

For the 41-year-old actor, having a night-time routine is the key to skincare, since the body repairs itself the most during sleep.

“Taking gentle, good care of your skin should be a habit, like drinking tea in the morning, that you follow up for life,” explains Lara.

“We shouldn’t beat ourselves up about the fact that we want to look good. I also feel that we can’t keep constantly hiding behind the mask. Women say ‘I’m not going to be loved or respected or given my due unless I look a certain way, I am a certain size, I have a certain amount of accomplishments under my belt’, we never stop beating ourselves up about it. Women need to be comfortable in their own skin. They need to be unafraid, they need to look into the mirror and love themselves,” she adds. IANSlife

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