Ms Santosh Kumar, the founder of the University
Ms Santosh Kumar, the founder of the University

Surendra Ullal

CHICAGO: A front-ranking Indian American Community activist Dr. Mrs. Santosh Kumar, has done again taking a bold and novel step promoting Indian Vedic philosophy and culture in this part of the world by setting up the International University of Vedic Wellness in Greater Chicago

The mission of this Vedic University is to teach, preserve and advance the ideals and values of Santana Dharma by integrating the ancient practices with the global Hindutva philosophy in this digital age.

She took this bold and innovative step on the solemn occasion of her father ShambuDayalKulshresthra’s 48th death anniversary that fell on -September 9.

Gathering to honor newly formed University
Gathering to honor newly formed University

According to Ms Kumar this brick-and-mortar University is being built on a 38plus acre campus and will offer Certification, Associate, Bachelor, Masters and PHD degree courses in a formal setting. She said that with this giant step, she is fulfilling her lifelong dream to globally promote the precious knowledge of Vedic Scriptures, Science of Upanishads and Hindu Philosophy to all. The initial funding of this University will be from her late husband Pramod Kumar’s Trust and also from her family funds.

In a talk to this paper she observed that it was important to clear the misconception in the context of smear campaign against Hindu and Hindutva besides offering an  opportunity to learn about Vedic Sciences to all in North America  This is with a view to help them  live their life better and to the fullest.

Inher remarksDr. Vasavi Chakka, Executive Director, Board of Regents, International University of Vedic Wellness, Chicago, greatly admired Dr. Mrs. Kumar initiative and her foresight in establishing this full-fledged university at a time when twenty ” so called universities ” are launching a scathing attack on Hinduism in America hosting a ” Dismantling the Global Hindutva Agenda ” in Washington D.C.

Dr. Chakka said Hindu Americans should rather be positive gearing up  to do more  to spread their culture and offering  correct perspective about Hinduism rather than frittering energy on responding negatively to unwarranted propaganda. That is what Hindu Dharma and teachings\ really means. The birth of this major University is a direct response to this unwholesome attack on the Hindu faith and Hindutva propagated by vested interests cloaked as academicians, she added.

Dr. Vijay GP donates $100,000 dollars to Vedic wellness university to establish Danny k. Davis inter faith chair.

Dr. Vijay G Prabhakar, Community Activist announced a contribution of $100,000 to the International University of Vedic Wellness Chicago whichis an Independent registered educational society in State of Illinois to establish an Inter Faith Chair in the name of U.S. Congressman Danny K. Davis It is with a view to teach the Hindu Philosophy of religious tolerance and also understand the basic tenets of other faiths in this Vedic University.

In making the contribution, Dr. Prabhakar stressed that we minorities hailing from India must not ever forget what India gave us Christians and other minorities, that which we still are receiving without any bias, the freedom to practice our faiths, prosper and co-exist like nowhere else in the world.U.S. Congressman Danny K. Davis graciously accepted the honor of having the University’s Inter Faith Chair endowed in his name.

International University Of Vedic Wellness meet
International University Of Vedic Wellness meet

Acharya Rohit Joshi of North Eastern Illinois University gave the invocation prayer and said that such a full-fledged Vedic University is the first of its kind in North America. He appealed to all to make this International University of Vedic Wellness Chicago, a World-class institution by contributing financially, academically, and volunteering with skills and talents.

Leaders from across the country who were present and spoke at the  meet which was live streamed included Dr. S. V. Anchan, CEO, Safe Sea Group, New Jersey, Dr. Clarence Beals, CEO , Jordans Dreams, Chicago, Dr. Rani Youseffzai, Vice Chair, Congressman Danny Davis’ Multi Ethnic Advisory Task Force, Dr. Andre Ellis, CEO, No Adults Left Behind, Chicago, Neil Khot, National Chair, Indian American Business Coalition, USA, Dr. Ravi Govindaraj, Vice President, World Federation of Tamil Youth, USA, Dr. Anasha Holiday, Chief Community Outreach, The Global Eye-Digital Monthly and Anica Dubey, Global Outreach Chair, American Multi Ethnic Coalition, USA .

Dr. Roger Richardson, President, Rhema University, Florida presented the Rhema University’s Red Ribbon Honor Award to Dr. Santosh Kumar, an alumnus of Rhema University for her indefatigable efforts to ground break this historic International University of VEDIC WELLNESS Chicago.

Lion Hina Trivedi, International Woman Activist roared in her closing remarks that all Hindu Americans must wake up and stand up for the Hindu Dharma and Values. Hina Trivedi said that this opportunity will not present itself again, it is now that we all unite and act together while we speak, sign petitions, do pooja, visit temples which are all great but only we can protect and preserve our Santana Dharma which is the basic tenet of Hinduism. Hina Trivedi saluted the Community leaders from different faiths and ethnicities who joined the Visionary Dr. Santosh Kumar today in this bold, giant step in establishing a permanent brick & mortar University to teach HINDUTVA globally beyond our lifetime.