Shashaa’s English number

Shashaa’s English number

Singer Shashaa Tirupati, who has sung in Bollywood films such as “Mom” and “Half Girlfriend”, has come up with an original English song, “Oceans rained”, about hope and pain, breaking down and resurrecting and “all the real stuff”.

“‘Oceans rained’ is about the analogy of bruised/broken walls of the mind of an abused female. The bandages on rooms of her mind symbolise bandages on the person, her broken emotions and feelings. How, relative to other people, a ‘good day’ for this girl is a day when she doesn’t actually visualize a noose for escape,” explained Shashaa.

“Emotionally and physically battered, hints of optimism, passion, submission in the past and healing and reconciliation in the present are emotions/ thoughts entwined in the lyrics, video and production of this song.”

Her words come from a plethora of experiences, pain, trauma, but the optimistic approach is that “things do change, we choose our circumstances and change come at our discretion: as soon as we want it. “There can be a constant state of depression, but we can tap into the figments of happiness and comfort inside us and teach ourselves to overpower and resist it,” she shared. IANS

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