Starting Fresh: A 5-Step Checklist for De-Cluttering Your Home

In a world where many place value of physical objects over experiences and tend to lead busy lifestyles, a lot of us are prone to a cluttered home. Perhaps you already have one. Nevertheless, research reveals that a cluttered space can increase one’s susceptibility to addiction and mental health problems.

Although a messy home can be disastrous for us physically, mentally, and emotionally, de-cluttering our space can ensure we reap benefits from getting a better night’s sleep to lower our chances of dealing with house pests.

That said, here are some things to consider when cleaning up your home.

  1. Before organizing anything, get rid of the things you don’t want.

If looking at your messy space has you thinking, “I don’t know where to start,” the best thing to do first is to get rid of the things you no longer want. Begin by throwing away trash or damaged items. Then, set aside items that you wish to sell or donate. This way, you won’t have as much to sift through when you actually go to re-organize the belongings you want to keep.

  1. Take advantage of organizers

There’s a reason organizers like cubbies, jewelry holders, and cabinet dividers exist: because they conveniently store our belongings in ways that not only keep them safe and within a convenient reach but also because they allow us to conserve space in the process. That said, taking advantage of various organizers can lead to great results if worked with correctly.

  1. Need extra furniture? Don’t buy it; simply rent it when you need it.

One of the best ways to avoiding the need to declutter your home in the first place is to avoid buying things. Instead, start renting. Furniture pieces are often the biggest objects in every room, and thus, tends to clutter up the place pretty quickly.

That said, opting for home furniture on rent, especially extra furniture when you’ll be hosting parties, is an easy way to ensure you’re not cluttering the house with unnecessary furniture or having to store extra furniture in the garage or basement when it’s not in use.

  1. For every item you purchase new, get rid of two old items.

This may be difficult for many folks, but if you currently have too many possessions, a great way to not only clean up your home temporarily but also in the long-run is to get rid of two current belongings every time you buy another. With less items piling up yet still having the space to purchase new ones, you can prevent your home from being cluttered to begin with.

  1. Rent your appliances.

Just like with renting furniture, you can also rent appliances at your convenience. Don’t let appliances like old refrigerators or microwaves pile up on your property or in storage for those moments where you “may need them.” And surely, you won’t want the hassle of having to sell these items when you no longer deem them necessary.

Truly, renting appliances makes getting rid of unwanted appliances easier than ever before. For instance, those who opt for air coolers on rent benefit from not just more affordable costs but also a portable appliance that can be returned when they desire or even transferred into their new place of residency if and when they move.


It’s easy to admit when our home needs to be de-cluttered, but actually doing it? It’s not so easy. Fortunately, getting rid of the things you no longer want prior to re-organizing your space, using the right organizers, renting furniture and appliances, and getting rid of two items for every new item you purchase are great ways to de-clutter your space in the long haul.

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