Sunil Tolani, CEO – lives by 2 Mottos. “Seek to improve” & “any amount more”

Sunil Tolani, CEO
Sunil Tolani, CEO
Sunil Tolani, CEO
Sunil Tolani, CEO

Indian American in Top 10 Entrepreneurs of 2022

In January 1999, a former Govt Contractor named Pritam Tolani died in Mumbai, India, and left his adopted son Sunny an ‘ethical will’—a Hindu custom that typically shares lessons of life upon death. Leaving him something more precious than material wealth: the family’s good name and a legacy of decency and dignity. It is a man’s most precious asset.

Twenty-three years later, that asset is strong with philanthropy and goodwill. In 2007, Tolani founded PRINCE ORGANIZATION, a hospitality and real estate company. Sunny is known for his social advocacy and humanitarian work. “I want to use my voice and blessings in service of activism and social justice. To be a CEO-leader means that you must speak up when you see injustice, speak out for what’s right, and do the right thing with leadership through character and positive spirit with hard work,” said Tolani

Frankly, Tolani’s path to success has been anything but obvious, and his success owes itself to his willingness to step outside defying expectations and experiment as his master plan is to keep on working on a life full of giving and being continually challenged. His story reminds people that through determination, grit, and a bit of luck, anyone can overcome their circumstances and achieve extraordinary success. “My whole life has been a fight and struggle to do right, and I have always risen to the top because I am a natural-born-fighter, a natural-born winner at whatever I do and my spirit to win is indisputable,” said Tolani.

Tolani said, “As a Social Entrepreneur, my business is a Benefit Corporation and not just about dollars and cents. My aim is to create thousands of remunerative job opportunities, invest, and do my part in growing the US economy and giving back to society. People are my greatest assets, it’s something that I honestly believe and live up to. Our organization hires the best, brightest, smartest people. We nurture them with continuous training so they can build a lifelong satisfying career and grow personally, professionally, financially, and educationally.”

If you took everything from him and he goes back to working minimum wage like he was twenty-three years ago, he wouldn’t change. It would be the same when he gets the Presidential gold medal from Hospitality Industry as one of the national top strategic thinkers with extensive experience in operations and management with political and corporate social justice voice and public policy, for best practices and giving tips to the President’s economic advisory councils.

“He is who he is,” says Neelam Tolani. “Dad is the same person at home as he is in public. A true self, kind, faithful, compassionate, and respectful and even wants us to live an exemplary life and to act with honor and hope and generosity matter what you have drawn,” said the two sons, Krish (15) and Aryan (14). That level headedness is a Tolani trademark.Sunil Tolani

A surge of success helped elevate Tolani on an international stage with high-profile politicians, presidents, and vice presidents. He has a sense of purpose and a quiet sense of great confidence in his abilities, and his leadership, vision and integrity is the gold standard for generations of aspirational immigrants and businesspeople, as he has earned a place of merit in the corporate world and business community. ‘I made this pact to change my life,’ says Sunil Tolani, of his tenacious journey marked by hardships, hard work, and a life-changing realization.

Talking about his charitable giving, Tolani said, “My mother always says, ‘True success is not measured in what we have, it’s measured in what we give.’ My mother taught me that I must have high standards of ethics and that there is no room for shortcuts to do the right thing, even if it’s hard or painful. Her teachings are my core values to an ethical, benevolent compass that steers our organization to great heights of success. Our focus has been giving a second chance, women’s wage equality, women’s welfare, and sexual harassment. It’s our No. 1 priority.”

 “Education is one of the best investments you can ever make for your long-term plans,”said Tolani, who now lives in Los Angeles and claims his myriad experiences made him the man he is today. Citing an Earl Nightingale quote— “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal”—he says his lifelong goal is to learn and grow.

He’s currently writing a memoir-based book of his inspiring journey. “I think the best thing that we can ever do is share our perspective on things, because you can learn a lot from people. One story could change someone’s life, A Story of Ethics, Integrity, Fortitude and Perseverance. I’m an American business story.”  Tolani said.

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