The Secret to Everlasting Valentine Spirit

Valentine SpiritDo you wish the spirit of Valentine’s Day to last longer than just one day, and went beyond balloons, hearts, flowers, cuddly teddy bears and evening dinners? Let’s first understand the true meaning and purpose of Valentine’s Day: how to build long lasting relationships and become the everlasting valentine – let’s discover the Secret to Everlasting Valentine Spirit.

February 14, Valentine’s Day, is a day to appreciate and celebrate with your loved ones, to rejuvenate and grow your relationship; a day to say, “I care.”

What message will you send this Valentine’s Day and how can the meaning of this divine day enrich your life all year round?
The words Valentine’s Day express the true meaning and purpose:
V: Vines entwined, heart to heart, soul to soul

A: Always heart filled with love

L: Love is Life, life is love; life without love is like a tree without leaves

E: Equanimity in love

N: Never blame

T: True Love with Trust and tolerance

I: Intuitive love

N: Never, Never, Never give up

E: Everlasting love never dies

S: Soul mates

D: Drop your anger, resentments, let go…

A: Affinity in love

Y: Year around love

Valentine’s Day means the love within ourselves and the love we share with others. The symbol of Valentine’s Day is the heart. Heart filled with true love can only build a true relationship.

What does True Love mean?
True Love is unconditional love that does not demand, expect, judge, compete or criticize. It just loves. It deepens our soul-to-soul connection with others. All relationship and intimacy is built upon one secret ingredient, “True Love “and Valentine’s Day is a reminder of it.

True love is the most powerful energy that emerges from the depths of our Consciousness and guides us to true happiness. It can only be understood by experiencing it.

LOVE is like a fire, burning down resentments and all the negative feelings.

Love is our true nature that reflects in our behavior of joy and happiness. Filling your heart with love will gradually erase past hurt and remove the darkness. Love will ultimately override the grudges and resentments.
True Love has no expectations

True Love is

Free from fear and envy
Free from ego and arrogance
Free from attachment
True Love is compassion and caring
True Love is forgiveness
True Love is
Goodness and positive attitude
Contentment and patience
Respect and righteousness
Calmness and equanimity
True Love is Trust
True Love never gets sick or dies
It only gets stronger with time
True Love is Divine Love, the Ultimate Love; peace and eternal happiness, “Sat Chit Ananda.”
(Gita. Chapter 12, Yoga of Devotion)
However, today, the meaning of Valentine’s Day has been somewhat lost. Relationships are built on body and mind connections, not on connections between hearts. Although the symbol of Valentine’s Day is a heart, stores are full of gifts for the body, with little to offer the heart. Deep connections have been lost and instead, the puppy love that flourishes on February 14 has become yet another money-making opportunity for businesses.

How can we be intimate with another person in a chaotic world? How can we reach the depths of happiness, love and intimacy?

Happy people build happy relationships; unhappy people build unhappy relationships. Your relationships reflect what’s in your heart and mind. Today, many people lead unhappy lives: insecure, fearful, angry, and full of hatred, resentment, jealousy, and negative attitude… and that makes them emotionally weak.

How can unhappy people build a happy relationship? It’s like trying to build a house on an earthquake fault. Any tremors of disagreement will shatter the house.

When our relationships are built only on attraction between bodies and minds, we’re drawn to the other person’s superficial details – titles, name and fame – these are temporary relationships. Only relationships built on heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul connections will last. Let’s build those connections instead.

A loving heart is the only heart that can build a true, long-lasting relationship.

To build an intimate and lasting relationship you must start loving yourself first.
How to develop True Love and a True Relationship in your life
1. First, fill your heart with love and then extend it to others.

2. Practice forgiveness.
3. Take full responsibility of your action.

4. Self- awareness: accept your limitations and others’.

5. Extend goodness and positivity. No competition/ego, judgments or blaming
6. Take care of yourself with Yoga, Pranayam (breathing exercises), meditation, affirmations and prayers.
7. Do your best…and Let go.

Goodness and Positivity.
Shift your perception and focus on the positive. See good in others; everyone has some good qualities. Recognize them and do not judge others. This will build your own self-esteem and soul-to-soul relationships.
“Problems in relationships occur because each person is concentrating on what is missing in the other person.” – Wayne Dyer

Dr. Sandra Murray of the University of Michigan spent years studying “positive illusions.” When partners let go of bitterness and focused on positive messages about themselves and their partners, “relationships persisted, satisfaction increased, conflicts were averted, doubts abated, and personal insecurities diminished.”
When couples filled their hearts with forgiveness, True Love grew. You, too, can reap the reward of an everlasting Valentine’s Day.

Do your best – and let go.
When we love ourselves and others, put our best efforts to build relationship, open our heart, then the divine qualities of True Love develop automatically. We enjoy our life more and have good health, everlasting relationship with self and others-not just for one day. As Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita:

“When we put our best efforts to develop divine qualities- forgiveness, compassion, love, and tolerance, we not only become dear to each other and build intimate relationship but become dear to God also [His Valentine].” (Gita. 12.20)

The Heart filled with True Love is ready to pour out and build long lasting relationships.
A pure heart, filled with forgiveness, letting go and True Love, is an uncontrollable fountain of love that will pour itself outward, build long lasting relationships that is free from demands, judgments, and expectations and have a positive effect on others. This is the secret of long-lasting relationships. To enjoy an everlasting “Divine Spirit of Valentine” in your life, fill your heart with forgiveness and let go. Forgiving, letting go, plants the seed of True Love in your heart and you will celebrate Valentine’s Day forever.

How to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year?
Love All, Serve All. – Satya Sai Baba
Valentine’s Day is all about True and unconditional love. Therefore, this Valentine’s Day, go beyond body-to-body and mind-to-mind relationships and discover true heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul connections. Heal yourself to become a better soul-mate: offer up your eternal love, rather than dozens of roses that will fade before the weekend’s over.

Once you let go of bitterness and resentment, develop divine qualities, you’ll enjoy being with your loves ones not just for one day. You will finally connect to self and enjoy your life more, enjoying everlasting relationships and also attaining the purpose of life, Love, Peace, and Eternal Happiness, “Sat Chit Anandam.” May this Valentine’s Day be filled with love, peace, and everlasting happiness as you journey through yourself and together!

Satya Kalra is a former CEO from Biotech Industry and founder of Path to Anandam (Path to Blissful life). She is a philanthropist, spiritual guide, self-transformational and happiness coach, spiritual guide, meditation and self-healing expert, international speaker.

Satya Kalra

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