Tips to Book Flights as Inexpensive as Possible

We have all gone through the wearisome process of searching for inexpensive flight bookings. However, it is tough to get a good deal since the flight prices are consistently varying. To save some of your time, in this post, we are going to provide some tips to book flights as inexpensive as possible. These tips will help you get over the endless irritation and even save you a good deal of your bucks.

Always Utilize Incognito Mode or Private Browser Window

You might have noticed that whenever you consistently lookup for a particular flight booking, the prices shoot up. This happens because of the cookies sent by your browser. When this happens, you often end up going through the flight booking hurriedly to avoid escalating further the total cost. However, you can avoid this by looking for flights in the incognito mode or the private window of your browser. Since, in incognito or private mode, cookies are not sent; the flight prices, even after repeated searching, won’t fluctuate significantly. So, the next time, you are looking for cheap flights from New Delhi to Mumbai, make sure you utilize incognito mode.

Avoid Flying on Weekends or on Holidays

Flights will be indeed expensive during the weekends and/or on holidays. Hence, if you have a flexible schedule, we recommend flying on a weekday to book the flight at the lowest cost possible. You can have a look at the entire month and check out the days on which the flight rates are the cheapest. Thereafter, you can work out your schedule to fly in those days.

Get a Credit Card that gives you Travel Points

If you don’t have any, you can always sign-up for a credit card that rewards you with travel points on the spending. Thereafter, you can utilize these accumulated travel points to book your flight for almost free. If you are worried about over-utilizing your credit card, you can quit spending money from your debit card and use the credit card instead to make everyday purchases. Thereafter, you can pay off the balance using the money from your debit card. Hence, you will be actually gaining travel points for no cost at all.

Consider Booking Flights with Layoffs or Stopovers

We recommend this only if you have a flexible schedule. Flights with layover are generally cheap. Moreover, you can also consider a stopover, if you have ample time in hand and on your way to your destination, you want to check out another city as well. If you book connecting flights yourself, you will find significantly cheaper deals than the connecting flights suggested by the search engines. Of course, you have to put in a good amount of research before going ahead with that.


These are the 4 major tips that will help you book a flight for cheap. So, the next time you are booking a flight, make sure you keep these tips in mind.

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