True or false?

raima senwebWe all know how being ‘tipsy’ can complicate life for us, don’t we? After getting drunk, actress Raima Sen went berserk and tweeted saying she will be marrying her best friend Varun Thapar. Only in the morning did she realize the blunder she had made and quickly tweeted that she was only joking!

Raima, who had been to a party along with few of her friends in Kolkata was in high spirits when she tweeted, “I am getting married to Varun Thapar. Varun is my best friend.”

The pretty actress then posted five pictures of her along with Varun, including one where Varun got down on his knees.

The next day, Raima woke up to some worried calls by family and well wishers and that’s when she realized what she had done! So to lessen the damage caused, she tweeted, “Last nite was a joke and I’m not getting married (sic).”

Meanwhile, the inside story is that Raima Sen is very serious about her relationship with Varun!

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