‘Unsung heroes’ honored:They are the new Padma Shris

They are the new Padma ShriNEW DELHI: Keeping its promise of honoring “unsung heroes”, the government announced Padma Shri awards for personalities who served the poor, set up free schools and popularized tribal arts globally.

Lakshmikutty, a tribal woman from Kerala, who prepares 500 herbal medicines from memory and help thousands of people especially in snake and insect bite cases, is among the awardees.
She teaches at Kerala Folklore Academy and lives in a small hut made of palm leaves roof in tribal settlement in a forest. She is the only tribal woman from her area to have attended school in the 1950s.

Arvind Gupta, an IIT Kanpur alumnus who inspired generations of students to learn science from trash, has also been honored with Padma Shri.
Gupta visited 3,000 schools in four decades, made 6,200 short films on toy-making in 18 languages and also hosted popular TV show Tarang in 1980s.
Internationally-acclaimed Gond artist Bhajju Shyam has also been awarded the Padma Shri.
Shyam is famous for depicting Europe through Gond paintings, a tribal style of painting of Madhya Pradesh. Born in a poor tribal family, he worked as a night guard and electrician to support family before becoming a professional artist. His ‘The London Jungle Book’ sold 30,000 copies and it was published in five foreign languages.
West Bengal’s Sudhanshu Biswas, a 99-year-old freedom fighter who serves poor, runs school and orphanages and set up free school for poor, is also among the winners.

Kerala’s medical messiah to terminally ill, M R Rajagopal, has also been honored with Padma Shri. Rajagopal has specialized in pain relief care for neo natal cases.
Since last year, the Modi government has been honoring “unsung heroes” with the Padma awards to recognize people who have dedicated their lives to working for the poor or have risen from deprived backgrounds to excel in their own fields.
Maharashtra’s Murlikant Petkar, India’s first para-Olympic gold medalist, who lost his arm in 1965 Indo-Pak war, is another winner of the Padma Shri.

Tamil Nadu’s Rajagopalan Vasudevan, who is known as plastic road-maker of India, developed a patented and innovative method to reuse plastic waste to construct roads, has also been given the Padma Shri.
Subhasini Mistry, a poor lady from rural West Bengal, who toiled 20 years as housemaid and daily laborer to build a hospital for poor in the state, is another awardee.
Nonagenarian farm laborer Sulagatti Narasamma, who provides midwifery services in backward region of Karnataka without any medical facility, too was awarded the Padma Shri.
Vijayalakshmi Navaneethakrishnan, an acclaimed Tamil folk exponent, who has dedicated her life towards collection, documentation and preservation of Tamil folk and tribal music, has also been given Padma Shri.

Another awardee is Yeshi Dhoden, monk physician of Tibetan herbal medicine working in remote areas of Himachal Pradesh.
Lentina Ao Thakkar, a Gandhian who has served for decades at a Gandhi Ashram in Nagaland; Romulus Whaitaker, a wildlife conservationist working in Andaman Nicobar Islands and Tamil Nadu; have also been named for the Padma Shri awards.
Rani and Abhya Bang, both doctors, who over 30 years transformed health care in Naxal-hit Gadchiroli in Maharashtra, also got the Padma Shri.
Maharashtra’s Sampat Ramteke, a sickle cell torchbearer, and Nepal’s Sanduk Ruit, an ophthalmologist who exports low cost cataract surgery lenses to 30 countries, have been honored with Padma Shri.

Lucknow’s Urdu poet Anwar Jalalpuri, who translated over 700 Shlokas of Bhagwad Gita from Sanskrit to Urdu, will also be given the Padma Shri.
Karnataka’s Ibrahim Sutar, a singer and icon of Hindu-Muslim unity; Bihar’s Manas Bihari Verma, a former program director of Tejas, India’s first indigenous multi-role supersonic fighter aircraft; are the other names selected for the Padma Shri.
Sitavva Joddati, who champions women development and empowerment, especially ‘Devadasis’ and Dalits; Nouf Marwaai, the first yoga instructor of Saudi Arabia who played an instrumental role in legalizing yoga in that country, will be given the Padma Shri.
98-year-old V Nanammal, India’s oldest yoga teacher, who still practices and teaches 100 students daily in Tamil Nadu, has been honored with the Padma Shri.-PTI

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