Blackjack has a long history. At first, it was beloved by aristocrats, but today it’s available even at a live casino, and gamblers may try it with low bets. Here’s why you should try it.

What Is Blackjack?

Blackjack is a casino table game played with cards. It’s played between two or more people, where there is one dealer and at least one player. As a player, you will play against the dealer with the main aim of beating him.

At the start of the game, you place a bet, after which the dealer deals you two cards. You can either choose to keep the hand you are dealt without placing an additional bet, or request an additional card and raise your original bet at the same time. In many forms of Blackjack, the conditions will allow you to fold and get half your bet back. What’s more, the dealer deals himself two cards at the start of the game. Depending on the type of game, you may see both dealer cards or just one of them.

Each card is worth a certain amount of points. The chief aim of the game is to get a higher point total than the dealer and at the same time not to exceed 21 points. Note that you can also win with a lower score if the dealer accidentally goes over 21.

If you win, your bet will be doubled. If you make a blackjack combination of 21, which is an Ace and a Ten, then your bet will be multiplied by 1.5. There are several types of Blackjack in the gambling world. Some operate with different rules, extra combinations and new win conditions, which is why it’s essential to understand all the rules available before placing bets.

Tips For Playing Blackjack

These tips will help you improve your game and become more successful:

  • Careful preparation. Before playing, make sure your balance is set and you know what type of game you’ll be playing. Spend some time on the game, trying not to get distracted by side-actions and external factors.
  • Knowing the rules. This seems obvious, but many players start the game without knowing how to do it properly. Even if you’re familiar with the rules, double-check them, as many variations of the game may have different conditions.
  • Adhering to strategy. Card counting strategy doesn’t work online, not even in live casino, as the continuous shuffling of the deck is usually used. This doesn’t mean that you have to give up any strategy. Make a plan and stick to it.

Why Play Blackjack?

You might be wondering what makes Blackjack different from other casino games. If you’ve never tried this entertainment before, these features might appeal to you:

  • Skill-based gameplay. Unlike in other games, you need to learn the game and its rules to have an edge in Blackjack. You don’t have to rely on luck to win. You will win regularly if you learn how to bet and choose your moves correctly, and if you practice playing Blackjack more often.
  • High RTP. The odds are in your favor. Consider the RTP before playing, it’s usually about 98% for most games, but even higher for some.
  • Easy to get started. The game has simple rules that any new player will understand without having to read any additional terms. You’ll still be able to score wins and rack up winnings, just remember that regular wins take longer.
  • Different variations. Blackjack is a fairly old card game with simple rules that result in different types of games. If you get bored of playing the classic game, you may try multi-hand combinations, fast play, high-stakes Blackjack, or other equally tempting forms of the game.

Blackjack isn’t only a popular game for its application of skill but also a fun and tempting card table game. Blackjack is a dynamic game, you get to the table quickly and play a few hands at a time. At that speed of play, there’s a chance to grab some big wins.