Why brands are flocking to Instagram

Social media has become an essential part of business marketing, no matter its size. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are more established in this area and have been around for years. On the other hand, other social networks like Instagram grew up a bit later and expanded alongside mobile technology.

The question is: which platform should you use? The answer depends on your audience. Figuring out who they are will greatly help you determine what kind of content you will post and how often. Instagram seems to be the favored choice for many of these brands, and if you are interested in finding out why, here are some of the reasons:

A large customer base

Instagram is a globally popular social network. It has a massive customer base, counting over 1 billion active users, with over half of them using it on a daily basis. This means that there is a large pool of potential customers for every type of business.

When it comes to demographics, Instagram is a diverse social media. Still, most of its users are aged between 25 and 34 (around 33 percent), and over half of the Instagram population are 34 years old or younger.

This is a tremendous demographic because teenagers are very engaged social media audiences, averagely spending one hour on Instagram daily. These demographics make it perfect when using a growth service, since it means there is a large audience to engage with, which makes it easy to get Instagram followers when using something like Growthoid. A large audience can also be excellent for user-generated content, especially when working within a niche, because the audience will be more inclined to engage.

Easy way to market

Instagram has many advantages, and one of them is that it’s free, which makes it an excellent marketing option. Along with big businesses and brands, this feature opens the doors for efficient marketing for small ones as well.

Many brands have turned towards organic marketing, meaning that they acquire real followers rather than buying them.  The best way to achieve extensive reach and gain a big, organic audience is through user-generated content.

That is the type of content (such as photos, videos, Stories, etc.) made by users that promote a brand. One example is Hilton Grand Vacations, which encouraged users to post their best Instagram photos from their vacation with them under hashtag #MyHGV. This hashtag brought many new followers and provided them with creative and attractive content, all for free.

Influencers and services

Instagram is home to many influencers, from the small ones with a small but dedicated audience to celebrities who have millions of followers on this social network. Influencers are mainly celebrities who have become famous thanks to their online activities.

They often promote brands or products, pushing them into the mainstream. Influencers can significantly increase sales and reach people that the company normally wouldn’t, and are an easy way to Instagram followers really quickly. And if they are popular, their reach counts millions of followers that can see a product of the brand that they represent. Next to influencers, there are also many services available to use, such as Growhtoid.

It is a service that boosts the number of organic followers, a newer and much better concept than the previous one where companies sold fake followers to increase the numbers. Growthoid tailors the plan based on its customer’s needs and assigns an account manager who handles all the work regarding Instagram growth, bringing organic followers.

Great for analytics

Instagram has excellent analytics tools, which help a company understand its audience, where they are from, what they like or dislike. Instagram Insights provides information about the followers’ gender, location, age, even when they are most active online. Brands can monitor their posts to see which are popular and which aren’t. This information reveals what pattern will be most effective for the business’s marketing campaign.

Additionally, it provides insights to help companies calculate their ROI on the platform. For every campaign the business makes, they can analyze reach, sales, clicks, or conversions while also knowing essential factors of their customers such as their gender, age, or location. That helps companies shape their products and prices according to their primary demographics.

Seeing all the great features Instagram offers, we can understand why it is considered one of the strongest platforms for marketing various businesses, no matter their type of work or size. With many new features that have been launched recently and many more to come, Instagram will certainly stay at the top of the list of the most popular social media platforms.

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