4 things you can do on Instagram


Are you looking as various ways in which to promote your brand on social media but aren’t too sure which platform to go with? Have you started a new Instagram account but don’t actually know exactly what it has to offer?

Social media is a great way to connect with businesses and brands. There are so many ways you can use social media, but one of the most popular apps is Instagram. If you haven’t heard of Instagram by now you have probably been living under a rock. Instagram is one of the longest standing and most popular social media platforms to date where you can post both images and videos in a variety of formats. Instagram has over 1 billion active month users who share their lives through these photos and videos on their feed.

If you are new to Instagram you might not know all the features it has to offer or what they can do. For a long time Instagram was limited to just the regular feed where all you could post were the odd photo and video here and there. The new features can help you research and include relevant hashtags in your captions to increase the discoverability of your posts and get cheap instagram likes. Here are four things you can do on Instagram that will help grow your business or just have a successful account.

Use hashtags

So many people have the wrong idea about has tags and tend to underestimate them or misused them. Many people don’t understand the power that a hashtag holds when it comes to posting them along with your content. Essentially, a hashtag is a key word that follows a pound sign that is placed within the caption of your posts. This key word is searchable by anyone and they will see all the posts posted with that specific keyword.

These hashtags are fantastic when it comes to trying to grow your audience and getting more exposure because they basically allow you to target you specific audience with a keyword that might interest them. It will also allow you to reach an audience that doesn’t yet follow you. Hashtags are so important that there are tools that help you create them, such as this hashtag generator, Task Ant. The great thing about hashtags is that there are some that are more popular than other, so when making use of them, try to go for the most popular ones that are relevant to your content.

Play with captions

Captions are the little area below the photo or video that contain a sentence, a few words, or a paragraph, either pertaining to the content you post, or just something that you think your audience might find entertaining. These captions don’t always have to be the same old boring things like, “here we have a new makeup palette”, or “this is the work we did today”. Instead you can play around and try to make it a whole lot more interesting. This can be done by creating a chance for users to engage with you by asking a question in the caption, or you can have call to action phrases like, don’t forget to follow, or check out our website. All of this will increase your SEO incredibly because it all creates a lot more engagement, and the more engagement you receive, the more relevant you become, making you more popular and more searchable.

Stories and reels

For a long time Instagram was limited to just the regular feed where all you could post were the odd photo and video here and there. Now Instagram has introduced so many new features, to get more Instagram followers, to most recent and seemingly most popular being stories and reels. Stories are a feature placed right at the top of the screen when you open the app. Here you can post photos and videos in the moment and they will disappear after 24 hours making them feel a bit more exclusive. Reels are similar in that you can post video but they don’t disappear and they are short form videos that are also in the moment and authentic. They don’t require as much effort as your regular feed

IGTV and tag people

IGTV is another feature that instream has recently introduced. This feature allows you to post videos that are over a minute long. These videos are more like YouTube videos and just the short videos you would find on other platform and they allow for you to give more to the audience than just a short clip or photo.

And lastly one of the best features of Instagram is that you can tag people in your posts allowing for them to see that you have posted or allowing for other users to see who was involved in that post or the creation of it.

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