‘Wonder how big, large ‘Nagpur stick’ will be for Modi’

'Wonder how big, large 'Nagpur stick' will be for Modi'NEW DELHI: Crediting the RSS for BJP’s victory in Lok Sabha elections, Congress leader Sachin Pilot today said he was not sure for how long can the Prime Minister withstand “Nagpur pressure” and wondered how “big and large” the Sangh’s “stick” will be for Narendra Modi.

Expressing concern at BJP’s slogan of a Congress-free India, he said any person who says Nagpur, where the RSS is headquartered, does not have any control over the government, is not attached to reality.

“We have never said BJP-free India or Janta Dal-free India. Those extreme positions are reflective of the ideologies that govern this government. If someone says to me that Nagpur has no control over NDA that person is not attached to the reality,” he said.

Pilot added, “You will see these issues coming up, the VHP, the RSS, the Bajrang Dal and statements coming from Ministers in Goa about what women should wear and not wear, infringing upon the liberties and freedom of the citizens of this country”.

Noting that Prime Minister has promised that the constitution is the only book he follows, Pilot said, “But I don’t know if the stick from Nagpur, how big and large that might be for him and how long he can hold that pressure. The RSS has an agenda and it is also true that this election victory, how much ever anyone has denied, a substantial portion of that credit must go to the RSS”.

Talking about veteran BJP leader L K Advani’s recent comments about Modi’s success being a triple century, he said one cannot forget his reactions when Modi was made the party’s Prime Ministerial candidate.

“How he resigned from all positions, the kind of infighting that went on within the BJP till the RSS forced them to fall in line. These fault lines and fissures are bound to surface at some other time later on,” he said, adding, that a “strong mandate does not give you the freedom to do as you please and that you have no regard for sentiments of the people”.–PTI