Zarina Wahab returns in short film ‘Kashmiriyat’

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MUMBAI: Veteran actress Zarina Wahab explores the medium of short film in her upcoming project.

Zarina returns to the screen as the female protagonist of the upcoming short film “Kashmiriyat”. She points at its intense storyline while saying that it was quite taxing for her to shoot the film.

“Despite decades of playing so many roles, this one was definitely taxing and extremely indulgent, especially for the climax! I can definitely say that I had seen the film (in my head) even before it was shot! Mainly because of the rightly dramatised narration by the director. And then during the shoot, I was impacted right till the last minute. Honestly, it has still stayed with me,” she said.

The story of the film revolves around a mother-son relationship.

The director of the film, Divyansh Pandit, being a Kashmiri, expressed his emotional attachment to the story.

“Being a Kashmiri, I always wanted to tell its story and I’m finally telling one through my medium. The voices that are driven by agenda and a major section of the media have always portrayed a typical image of Kashmir, its people and the Indian Army, which is utter nonsense,” said Divyansh.

He further claimed: “In our short film, we have shown how the vicious cycle in the Valley that is made to look organic is actually planned. Kashmir as a subject is extremely complex. Since the world is fed only a one sided narrative and nobody puts in an effort to know the reality behind its complexity, I, through my short film, have tried to put out a perspective that has never been portrayed in the mainstream.”

“Through this mother and son story, most of the layers of the Valley will be witnessed by the audience,” added Divyansh.

Along with Zarina, the film also features Naveen Pandit, Anshul Trivedi, Abhay Bhargava and Rohit Sagar Girdhar.

Produced by Ashutosh Pandit, the film will release on YouTube on August 12.