Surendra Ullal

CHICAGO: The Association of Indians in America (AIA) celebrated Gandhi Jayanti on October 29 2023 at Ashiyana Banquets on a Sunday afternoon, bringing together members, trustees, and esteemed guests at the place.

This celebration has become a cherished tradition and an annual event of the Illinois Chapter, dating back to its inception in 1985.

The event commenced with a speech by President Hina Trivedi, who emphasized Gandhi’s vision of youth leading India with unity and strength.

AIA National VP Santosh Pandey and AIA Chairman Salil Mishra followed with their speeches. The keynote address was delivered by Dr. Kanak Hota, who highlighted Mahatma Gandhi’s significant contributions to India’s independence and the shaping of a new India. She emphasized Gandhi Ji’s initiatives in fostering self-sufficiency and independence among Indians.

Shabana Rahman read Prem Mehrotra’s message in his absence, focusing on Gandhi Ji’s teachings of love and peace. Nilabh Dubey, AIA Secretary, spoke about the relevance of Mahatma Gandhi’s quotes in the modern IT world, connecting his quotes to concepts like the “Say-Do” ratio and teamwork.

President Trivedi, alongside members and guests, paid homage to Gandhiji by offering flowers as a shradhanjali. Several guests shared their views on Gandhiji. This heartfelt tributes were followed by lunch and social networking with the guests.