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Anand Desai

In 2021, armed with almost two decades of legal knowledge and trial experience, Anand Desai launched a boutique law firm to provide aggressive and quality representation for injured individuals and those accused of committing criminal offenses. Anand and his legal team have extensive experience in handling both personal injury and criminal defense matters. Anand’s experience in handling complex personal injury and criminal defense matters is what sets his firm apart from the rest.

Anand DesaiThe firm has a history of securing favorable results for their clients due to Anand’s combination of legal knowledge, years of experience, and strategic thinking skills. Anand has a thorough understanding of the law and procedures and that leads to the successful litigation of any matter.

Anand’s knowledge of statutes, case law, rules of evidence, and courtroom protocol allows him to dissect complex legal issues, identify strengths and weaknesses in the case, and formulate effective legal strategies. Anand strongly believes that effective communication is a vital skill for presenting arguments persuasively in court, negotiating with opposing counsel, and explaining legal concepts to clients.

Anand graduated from the University of Southern California and soon after enrolled at Loyola Law School. After graduating from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, Anand had one goal in mind; he wanted to be the attorney for his community, and fight for the rights of the disenfranchised citizens of Los Angeles. Anand joined the Los Angeles County Public Defender’s Office with the sole purpose of providing criminal defense representation for the indigent.

Recognizing the inequities in the justice system, Anand developed a passion for advocating for those charged with crimes in Los Angeles who could not afford representation. During his tenure at the Los Angeles County Public Defender’s Office, Anand represented over 5,000 individuals facing various misdemeanor and felony charges.

Additionally, he has conducted over fifty jury trials for a wide range of criminal offenses, including murder. It is rare for an attorney in California to have as much jury trial experience as Anand does, and that’s one of the major skills that sets Anand apart from most lawyers in California.

Anand Desai

It’s crucial to have a lawyer on your side who not only possesses extensive legal knowledge but is also dedicated to helping people. While many attorneys may claim to offer this, few can genuinely say they have dedicated most of their careers to building a track record of conducting jury trials. When searching for legal representation, ask prospective attorneys how many jury trials they have conducted. This metric speaks volumes about an attorney’s courtroom experience.

If you’ve been involved in an accident or charged with a crime, call Anand Desai immediately. The friendly and experienced team at Anand Desai Law is available 24/7, 365 days a year, to assist you. Don’t settle for less; choose a lawyer with proven expertise and unwavering commitment.

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