Surendra Ullal & Ramesh Soparawala

CHICAGO: The India Day on August 15 -75 years in row since achieving Independence from Britishyoke is gone by and in retrospect we do feel that we have retained remarkable degree of versatility and stability despite the tumulus situation world over including even in neighboring countries.  The credit for this singular achievement can largely go to the overall performance by the Modi-led Indian government.

This said and done the important question that crops up in our mind is What lies ahead in future –and What coming year holds for us The principal factors that need watching relate to international developments and domestic problems.

Internationally, we cannot control much as it is largely a world powers game. Russia in Ukraine and the Free world’s reactions to it Secondly, it is the Middle East and neighboring Pakistan and Sri Lanka.  Russia is unlikely to back off its Ukraine aggression and the world powers might feel helpless. Ukraine Is probably lost and the big question is what is in Putin’s mind?  The Middle East crisis might flare up again but the great concern is over Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Instability in Pakistan will be unwelcome ad it could lead the country to indulge in political mischief with India while Sri Lank could have the world powers playing their game too.  This needs a close watch

Domestically, it looks like we are having relative stability but the political opposition parties are getting united in their bid to topple the Modi government through inciting religious divide and sentiment  This is a dangerous game and all right-minded Indians need to have a close watch and see that the religious diversity does not hurt our broad national interests. Economically, we have a great degree of resilience and we expect it to continue hopefully coming year

The Corona and Covid do not pose any threat now by and large, but all of us have to be cautious and vigilant.  Hopefully, the country and the world get over this problem in coming year. Overall speaking, we expect the coming year to be a harbinger of better days in the future.

Bharat Barai, Oncologist  & FIA Trustee
Bharat Barai, Oncologist  & FIA Trustee

INDIA TOOK GIANT STRIDES AND POISED FOR FURTHER PROGRESS – Bharat Barai, Oncologist  & FIA Trustee – – India has made significant strides in last 75 years since independence. In the initial decades after independence in a947, genius, hard work and entrepreneurship was stifled by corrupt politicians, corrupt bureaucrats and corrupt business people who wanted to keep their monopoly and ill gotten profits. Millions of talented Indians emigrated in search of a future! Things changed in 1992 and changed rapidly since 2014.

The visionary, patriotic and exemplary leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi opened the door of Indian talents and recruited Indian diaspora talents. The Indian diaspora has fallen in love with this talented leadership who has goal of all round advancement of India. Political, diplomatic, economical, health related, security related, educational and so on. India has become 6th largest economy in the world and growing. India and Indians are respected around the world, even by former Pakistan PM Imran Khan!

Going forward, India has to stay the course and more. Indians have to give decisive political mandate to the leadership of Narendra Modi to carry forward economical, educational, trade, energy, environmental, agricultural reforms. A coalition Govt ends up making too many political concessions to vested interests to survive and make no meaningful reform. The leadership has to keep interest of Nation and people at large, not special interest groups.

To provide good education, both the public schools, colleges and private sector must be encouraged to pitch in. Well educated entrepreneurial talents can create industries and jobs, lifting the economy and living standard for all. US Silicon Valley and Israel are shining examples! India has become largely self reliant in agricultural field. We can do better. It is unfortunate that partisan politics prevented the next stage of agricultural revolution and opportunity for India’s farmers.

Hopefully the reforms will be reintroduced with better consensus. We need social reforms to bring the weaker sections of the society into main stream. Caste system should be abolished ASAP. Common civil law will bring equality to women. Exchanging Madrassas for regular schools teaching Math and science will educate more Muslims, give them more economic opportunities, better social status and integrate them into the main stream society.

India has two bad neighbors. China is very cunning and never misses opportunity to needle India. India has no choice but to play diplomatic, economic and military hard ball with China. We must modernize our armed forces to effectively counter China’s evil design. For decades, India purchased military hardware from abroad, often with cuts for politicians. Under PM Modi, that has changed. Buy what is must under direct Govt to Govt contracts with no middleman. PM Modi has gone beyond and opened up defense manufacturing to private sector along with great push for domestic manufacturing. If India was to become super power, it must produce most or all of its defense needs at home. 

Next push is Atmanirbhar Bharat. India has all talents to become manufacturing Hub. Make in India. China became manufacturing Hub by encouraging domestic and international investment. We have Golden opportunity to provide alternate manufacturing hub with huge domestic and export market. We have taken great leap in environmental challenges and producing more than 30% energy from renewable sources by 2022, 8 years ahead of 2030 target.

On the Diplomatic front, PM Modi has become one of the most admired and respected Global leader. The Indian diaspora flock in thousands to greet him all around the world. World leaders respect him; he gets invited at G7 meetings. He has used his stature to navigate India’s interest during the Ukraine crisis.

I feel, India will continue to grow and glow in various fields under the dynamic & visionary leadership of Prime Minister Modi. He knew in 1993, what India needed and is crafting his vision with affection and determination to make India economic, industrial, educational, military, social, health care, environmental super power, while still valuing India’s rich cultural heritage.

Jai Bharat

Sunil Shah, Chairman & Founder President FIA Chicago
Sunil Shah, Chairman & Founder President FIA Chicago

Sunil Shah, Chairman & Founder President FIA Chicago, Il – – India is considered as one of the potential superpowers in the world and main reason being 

Economic growth has been gaining momentum since last decade. Even though corona pandemic slowed down its pace, economic growth continues with an economy reviving and thriving.

India is driving on the road of growth but it needs advancement in technology and even more in building than indigenously to make it reach destinations of economic growth faster.

Though other countries are suffering due to lack of manpower comparatively India has an upper hand with estimated population of 136-crores. However there exist many challenges such as poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, healthcare, transportation etc. on the internal constraints.

Green energy sources are being explored with progress every day. Use of extraction of solar, hydrogen is increasing but this needs to be step up further so as to compete with the world and achieve complete electrification of vehicles and maximize utilization of green energy which will help nation in obliging to it’s climate goals sustainable development.

India needs to strive hard to become a manufacturing country, more emphasis on setting up manufacturing industries and in a way save valuable foreign exchange and alleviate unemployment issue in the country.

Preparation for defense should be made immensely with more allocations in defense budget. India must continue contributing and play its necessary role in establishing a cohesive neighborhood to  counter all challenges keeping its principles and ethics intact and emerge out like a blossoming sunflower in the world platform.

Santosh Kumar, Metropolitan Asian Family Services
Santosh Kumar, Metropolitan Asian Family Services


Santosh Kumar, Metropolitan Asian Family Services – – Happy 76th Independence Day of India – continuation of 75th Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav.

 I want to take your attention to the 75th year – India, as a nation is not 75 years old, this is simply what we mention as freedom from British rule. India is a very ancient country and civilization of over 10,000 years with a grand heritage of developed science, technology, philosophy, the wisdom of Vedas and culture.

The Western scholars and also those from other countries must re-visit the history of India again to learn what this ancient country of wisdom can offer the whole world even now. American universities and journalists must research andupdate themselves about the greatness of India in maintaining peace and prosperity among all human beings.

I want to remind you here that 48 civilizations of the past have been destroyed or virtually disappeared except Indian civilization, which has been able to sustain itself against all oldest ones only because of its resilience, patience, and wisdom.

India is important to the whole world as a “Guru” to teach inclusiveness, peace, and harmony to all – ‘Vasudev Kutumbkam’.

Anil Shah, President World Money Exchange INC;
Anil Shah, President World Money Exchange INC;


Anil Shah, President World Money Exchange INC; India is a multi ethnic and multi cultural society not to be found easilyat many places in the world. It is essential to preserve this entity with lot of diversity for the good of humanity at large.

It is with this consideration that it is essential to keep up the present democratically elected government going for a long period of time

It is in this context that we have to re-elect PM Modiji and his team of selfless Karyakartas for years at the head. 

It is essential to stand behind the present team. It is also essential to keep in mind that India comes First and all need to be united as one India instead of dividing country for own interests or benefits, and getting it divided on petty religious affiliations.

India and Indians everywhere should over come narrow religion divide.

Dr. Sudhir Brahmbhatt, President, Technology Services Inc. and Pres. & Founder of Center for Indian Cultural Education, St. Louis, MO.
Dr. Sudhir Brahmbhatt, President, Technology Services Inc. and Pres. & Founder of Center for Indian Cultural Education, St. Louis, MO.

What India should do for retaining its eminence internationally

Dr. Sudhir Brahmbhatt, President, Technology Services Inc. and Pres. & Founder of Center for Indian Cultural Education, St. Louis, MO.

In the last three decades, India’s large and rapidly expanding economy coupled with its huge population and its nuclear powers captured international attention and enhanced the image of India with a profound change. With the rise of its economic and military capabilities and strategic interests, India has shaped a diplomacy that is much more aggressive in the pursuit of those interests. Since coming into power in May 2014, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made very conscious and deliberate efforts to give priority to foreign policy and the Prime Minister himself has acted as the roving ambassador of India deciding the contours and direction of country’s foreign policy.

India is neither one of the Great Powers nor minor power; but it is one that cannot be ignored and in this sense fits the most general definition of the middle power. India can be labeled a regional power in South Asia by taking into account its size, area, population, GDP and armed forces vis-à-vis its neighbors
India had forged ahead and sought pathways to acquiring military and material power that promise to bring it closer to its goal of transforming India into a ‘leading power.’

A strong underlying purpose of Modi’s active overseas promotion of India as an ideal investment destination aimed to complement his foreign investment for an infrastructure build out and to jumpstart his flagship programs such as Make in India, Digital India, Skill India and Startup India.

New opportunities have been unearthed which led India to engage in a large number of international–bilateral agreements with European Union (EU), Association for South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN), Sri Lanka, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. India has been negotiating for greater market access for our products under the Doha Development Round in World Trade Organization (WTO) with a view to protecting our trade interests. There has been a major psychological breakthrough with Bangladesh although the land boundary agreement being the most visible victory of Modi’s visit to Bangladesh on 6–7 June 2015. The accord signals to Nepal, Sri Lanka and Pakistan the benefits of moving from the politics of suspicion to economic prosperity. This has created a new psychological dynamic with Bangladesh–Bhutan–India–Nepal (BBIN) pushing for new levels of connectivity, including electricity, transportation and grids.

The Modi government initiated its South Asian diplomacy with a positive note with investing in developmental projects in Bhutan, concluding border agreement with Bangladesh and addressing the question of the mistrust between India and Nepal. Japan is ready to help India to become an economic power house at par with China. Modi’s visit to Myanmar, Australia and Fiji sought to entrench India in the Asia-Pacific architecture. Australia presents huge economic opportunities for India with significant room for improving ties in areas such as energy, mining, services and education. Moreover, along with Japan and the USA, Australia and India can become the fulcrum of the new strategic platform to ensure security and freedom of navigation in the Asia-Pacific.

Modi’s visit to United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia aimed at boosting investment and credit, particularly on infrastructure and energy development. This balances both India’s closer relations with Israel and Pakistan’s close relation with Gulf countries. Iran could also be a valuable partner of India in stabilizing the region. India’s engagement with Iran is of vital significance in terms of energy, domestic and regional security imperatives. Modi visited Iran and signed agreement to develop the US$500 million Chabahar port. India has dual objectives: first, it wants to encircle Pakistan by maintaining cordial relations with Iran and Afghanistan and second, it seeks to counter weight China. Modi is the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Israel. Modi’s visit to Israel on July 2017 marks a pragmatic turn in Indian foreign policy manifesting boost in bilateral ties and strategic partnership with Tel Aviv without diluting its position on the two-state solution vis-à-vis Palestine.

Modi’s Africa tour of Southern and East Africa aimed at strengthening diplomatic, economic ties and create a stronger presence in Africa, as the country tries to match China. Despite the fact that India has historically enjoyed excellent cultural and economic relations with East African nations of Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and South Africa, it has somewhat failed to project itself as a maritime security provider in the extended region. Modiji is focused on strengthening cooperative relations with South Asian neighbors and regional integration. India is also moving close to the US’s main strategic partners in the Asia-Pacific region—Japan and Australia without losing its strategic autonomy to extract gains from China and the USA.In the neighborhood, India requires to deal with Pakistan and China more rigorously and pragmatically.

The forgoing decision of India’s foreign policy suggests that India has regional weight and influence in terms of its size, area, population, military and sustained economic growth, but not dominance or the capacity to change the policies of its neighbors. ‘Geostrategic and geographic constraints box India into South Asia in a way that makes it a contained power. India will find it very difficult to overcome these constraints, even with sustained high growth and greater missile and naval reach. To count globally, it will need to make a massive jump in both economic weight and military reach.

Mafat Patel
Mafat Patel

We should stand united behind the progressive force in India

Mafat Patel, Well-recognized community activist and successful businessman Mafatbhai Patel of Patel Bros and Air tours, opined that India is at crossroads in the wake of enviable progress and achievements in the past few years on one hand and facing tough international situation and unwholesome efforts by the opposition to create a divide within communities.  

The country needs to keep up the progress andtempo of achievements in coming years. It is in this context that all Indians should understand the game played by politicians in the country and unexpected twist in the international scenario.

There is a conscious effort to denigrate the present government on religious ground and also somewhaton economicgrounds in the light of creeping inflation and a fall in Rupee values. Those who really understand and decipher the present situation would agree that many of the things are not the making of the present government and any party at the helm of affairs would have had to face the same problems. For instance, the Ukraine war, Middle East crisis and instability in the neighboring countries are not our making but they provide easy ammunition to opposition to fire their salve, and they do it.

It is in this context that I strongly feel that we should stand united and send a strong message by ensuring  the success of present corruption free government headed by Narendra Modi giving them  all help in achieving more success all around and     assuring  our support in any election near or  far

Dr Dayal Meshri, Scientist, Entrepreneur
Dr Dayal Meshri, Scientist, Entrepreneur

India Driving Safe facing World Crisis

Dr Dayal Meshri, Scientist, Entrepreneur; Two brilliant political minds, Shri Narendra Modiji and Dr. S. Jai Shankar are walking on the two edged sword at thistime of crisis triggered by the Ukraine war, and China’s show of its military might in the Taiwan strait.

The Two powerful communist countries have posed a threat of WW III forthe world. Western countries of Europe, USA and the former regions of Soviet Union are being challenged by Putin of Russia while MrXi of China is bullying, India, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea,Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippine,Singapore and Japan. In other words one has made Western World nervous while the other one is doing to Asia, which can be seen in Ukraine, Taiwan Strait LOC in Ladakh. Whosoever does not realizeRussia& China’s impact on democracy and their greed for land grab, and globalization of the communism is naive and mentally unsound. 

Fortunately India’s PM Narendra Modiand his very clever & diplomatic Foreign Minister   Dr. S Jaishankar with future Vision are taking necessary steps, doing the most difficult job of keeping balanced relationship with Russia, Western world &USA.

As neither of  the side  can be trusted  in the case of  Emergency  created by a situation  where China crosses  LOC  and tries to grab part of Eastern India ‘s Himachal Pradesh , Ladakh and Indian islands in Pacific ! Hopefully the quartet Agreement countries will come along and help India in a similar way as USA & Western Europe is helping Ukraine. They will provide financial support and Firepower and India has Military Man power and training to teach lesson to Mr. XI the aggressor.  For this purpose India has already started Agnipath the Brainchild of defense minister, foreign minister and the prime minister of India. They are recruiting youth 171/2 to 23 years age who are about 150 millions and India will have best military ready 

For any challenge from China&Pakistan. Remember Hitler’s most effective and ruthless army was between 17&25! That age is fast learner, ruthless, obedient, do and die type, as they don’t have to worry about spouses or children, or emotional attachment or sympathetic attitude. This is a brilliant action for being prepared for emergency. While staying ready for war, India’s Clever diplomat Dr. S Jaishanker keeps running his shuttle while Modijiis in constant touch with Arab world, both Saudis, Emirates, Japan SouthKorea, Vietnam and African nations providing timely help, medicine, food items and or ventures for high technology. This approach has been very successful and India needs to continue for its growth and Defense against China. 

Jai Hind 

Thakar Basati, Sikh Community Activist
Thakar Basati, Sikh Community Activist

What India should do for retaining its eminence internationally

Thakar Basati, Sikh Community Activist

India is a great country. Majority of the people are very hard working, caring, honest. Few have taken full advantage of the leniency of the governments. For their personal greed they have hurt the country during invaders times or under British raj and even today. Everyone talks about, “Oh when you die, you leave empty handed” but they will go to extreme lengths to gain wealth.

India has abundance of religious places. People throng them day and night but don’t think for a second to start violence. Does God really like that? Isn’t God watching then? Religion should have no place in politics, politicians exploit religious sentiments. 

Every country needs corporations but none should be given exclusive rights. Competition is always good. There should be checks and balances. Look at auto industry, there is competition and people don’t mind it. But when you give complete authority to any person or corporation, it is like a raging bull in glass store.

Hina Trivadi, President AIA, Chicago
Hina Trivadi, President AIA, Chicago

Hina Trivadi, President AIA, Chicago; I am very happy to have the opportunity to express my thoughts on this auspicious occasion of Independence Day. This is our 76th Independence Day celebration. Just 76years ago, we got independence from the British. Today, 74 years after independence, our country is moving towards progress in every field. Our country is writing a new chapter every day in different fields like military strength, education, technology, sports, and many other fields, it is writing a new dimension every day. Today, our military strength is equipped with modern weapons, which have the power to annihilate any enemy in the blink of an eye.

I strongly believe in reviving promoting our Indian culture and traditions in USA for our future generations.  Let’s pledge to keep this light of knowledge and patriotism burning in our heart forever.

We must promote our kids youth and women.

Our youth will make India proud. We all leaders must see leader in others. 

God bless all 

 Under my presidency I like to promote always kids youths and women as always we been.

We all Indian in this world  must take one day off from our work for Independence Day with this day and Our HERO’S we all be not here today. 

Jay Hind!!

Keerthi Kumar Ravoori, Honorary Chair, Indian American Business Council
Keerthi Kumar Ravoori, Honorary Chair, Indian American Business Council

Keerthi Kumar Ravoori, Honorary Chair, Indian American Business Council

I take a reflective pause to exalt majestic India that has crossed a grand milestone of 75 years and extol its remarkable ‘tryst with destiny’.  India’s triumphant journey of 75 years has helped define this world’s largest democracy in a way that is vastly bustling with its growing intellectual capital, its rich cultural heritage, its ethos, its enduring philosophy and its global eminence.

On this historic occasion, I take great pride in applauding India’s emerging global eminence – while saluting the vanguard of brave freedom fighters who gave their lives to extract India’s freedom from the protracted colonial rule and that, which ultimately gave us the emancipation to carve out a vibrant destiny.

I am profoundly besieged with an awe-inspiring elation as I take delight in celebrating the 75thanniversary of India’s Independence with profound admiration and a heart filled with gratitude for the motherland India. On this grand milestone, I pay my obeisance to India that nurtured and bred me to an established life in the United States of America.   

The magnificent idea of India is deeply rooted as it laid a lasting foundation that helped me transmigrate across the oceans to this beautiful adopted country that I am forever deeply indebted to.  Because of the values, ethos, ideals and beliefs that India inspired in us, we as Indians are able to employ them to forge ahead in the American society with the vibrant spirit of ‘Indianness’ and I must confess that the essence and spirit of ‘Indianness’ is forever deeply ingrained in our lives – the sparkle of which shall never efface in this lifespan.

It is truly a golden moment in history to experience this momentous juncture in history as India continues to shine with its devotion to the principles of pluralism. I consider it as my honor and an extraordinary privilege to extend best wishes on India’s Independence Day celebration and its enduring devotion to the ideals of democracy.

Jai Hind

Dr. Manu K. Vora, President, Blind Foundation for India, USA
Dr. Manu K. Vora, President, Blind Foundation for India, USA

What India should do for its empowerment- – Dr. Manu K. Vora, President, Blind Foundation for India, USA

Empower and educate teachers to uplift the Nation. Inculcate the value system and Indian ethos in the nation’s youth to develop them as responsible citizens of the world.

Instill the spirit of community service among all students for Nation Building.

Use modern technologies to deliver education, healthcare, and all social services on an equitable basis to all citizens of India.

Foster harmony across all sections of the society to bring prosperity to all. Look after the infirm and differently abled people, so they can live with dignity.

Root outcorruption which is dragging down real progress in India. Share the Indian expertise in healthcare, education, and agriculture to less-fortunate nations of the world, so they can stand on their own.

Practice Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam to regain Indian eminence at the world stage.

Sohan Joshi, President NFIA
Sohan Joshi, President NFIA

Praying for International peace in coming year – – Sohan Joshi, President NFIA

India has shot into huge prominence internationally of late and in no small measure crated goes to the Indian government led by PM Narendra Modi.  The question is how to retain this eminence in coming year especially huge pulls and counter pulls from major powers and instability in neighboring countries o Pakistan and Sri Lanka

The Cold war is again in full display internationally  because of Russian aggression on Ukraine  Russia is not going to back off while Western countries including USA  also  could not shake off their obligations to protect this tiny Ukraine from Russian clutches  India  has good relations  with Russia  and also with the Western world  It is in a piquant position and will be difficult to sail through the troubled waters  The Modi government has to do this  and how best it can do is successfully is a thing to watch

Pakistan I sin trouble and whenever it is in a problem it is India who  has to  suffer its antics Sri Lanka is in turmoil and it is to be seen who comes to power  India has to be quite vigilant as  it happens that both these countries are its neighbors

Let us pray that Domestically we face no problem as this would hurt us economically.  The thing to watch is a communal flare up as a group in minority community is bent on creating problems with the present government and docile opposition parties are eager to use that for its narrow interests   Hopefully if we remain united nothing untoward this would happen and the country would have political and economic stability