Barbara Jabarica’s claims are bogus, says Mehul’s wife Priti Choksi

Barbara Jabarica's claims are bogus, says Mehul's wife Priti Choksi

NEW DELHI: Priti Choksi, wife of a fugitive businessman in an interview to ANI on Thursday lambasted Barbara Jabarica’s claims regarding Mehul Choksi. Barbara Jabarica, the alleged girlfriend of Mehul in her interviews to Indian media, has made several sensational claims against him.

She (Priti Choksi) smashed out on her claim that Mehul introduced himself as Raj is false, in light of the fact, that even a child today looks up the identity of his/her friends on the internet, and with technologies like “Reverse Google Search” and social media, this would have only been a matter of seconds, or are we living in the Stone Age?!

Moreover, the WhatsApp messages surfacing can easily be created by changing the content or through software’s like Photoshop, there is no evidence to support its authenticity, Priti Choksi said.

She asked, “How is it possible that despite all the media attention and public furore surrounding this case, that this lady who has an Instagram account with thousands of followers was in the dark about all this, and did not come out to speak in defense of her ‘friend’?

“It is common sense that if the version of events advanced by my husband is a lie, then why would he risk his entire reputation by first giving false information and then revealing the only link by which his story might fail? These bogus claims are only an attempt to present a wrong picture of my husband,” added Priti.

Moreover, let me clear the air that as per my information her last name is Jabarica and I guess she is not telling her location to anyone, so how can her version be credible at all? questioned Priti.

Mehul Choksi earlier had also alleged that Barbara Jabarica did not attempt to help her while he was being beaten up and placed on a small watercraft. He stated that the manner in which Barbara Jabarica conducted herself clearly indicated that “she was an integral part of this whole plan to abduct”.

Barbara Jabarica in interviews to Indian media confirmed that she had met Mehul Choksi over breakfast on the day he was allegedly abducted, but left for the airport and was on the other side of the island that day.

Mehul Choksi went missing from Antigua on 23 May and was caught in Dominica. He was charged with illegal entry by police into Dominica after he allegedly fled Antigua and Barbuda in a possible attempt to avoid extradition to India.

Meanwhile, the Dominica Ministry of National Security and Home Affairs had declared Mehul Choksi a “prohibited immigrant” on May 25th. It directed necessary actions to be taken under prohibited immigration as well as not permitted to enter the Commonwealth of Dominica and the Chief of Police was instructed to take all the necessary actions to have him repatriated, said an official order of Rayburn Blackmoore, Minister for National Security and Home Affairs.

The 62-year-old fugitive is wanted in India in connection with the Rs 13,500 crore fraud in Punjab National Bank. (ANI)

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