WBZ CBS Boston for DiwaliOn November 12, 2023 Sunday, Diwali day, WBZ CBS Boston showed the image of a lit Diya in the week’s weather in their 8:45 am weather forecast, with a more elaborate Diwali Diya’s background in the 5 am forecast. This is first time ever this has been done in USA and was requested by Kumu Gupta, who has been a WBZ Weather Watcher for few years.

‘Diwali is a Festival of Lights, triumph of light over darkness and in today’s world it’s very much needed’… Miss Gupta told WBZ.

Global Peace Secretariat Special Citationkg (2)In presenting Jacob Wycoff with a Global Peace Secretariat Special Citation of Recognition, Kumu Gupta Secretary General & 2023 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee said ‘ I would very much like to Thank Jacob Wycoff Meteorologist WBZ CBS Boston for helping celebrate Diwali observed by Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist and Jain communities in US and the world and, for spreading global harmony.’