Honoring Matra Majmundar and Her family’s Legacy


Laurie Hyland Robertson
Editor in chief of Yoga Therapy Today and
Molly McManus
President of the International Association of Yoga Therapists

International Association of Yoga Therapy (IAYT) honored Matra Majmundar by creating a donor page on IAYT’s website to further her and her family’s, legacy of giving and volunteerism. Please help IAYT to honor Ms. Matra Majmundar’s vision of yoga therapy- a part of Integral medicine and Yoga for all

The International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) has 5,000 individual members in 52 countries, 166 member schools, 70 schools with accredited training programs, an Annual general clinical, and the only Yoga Research conference worldwide. It publishes an annual Yoga research and three quarterly ‘Yoga Therapy Today’ hands-on journals.

For lifelong learning as a professional requirement offers 500 continuing education courses. IAYT has yoga therapy. Health-public and policy forums. IAYTcollaboratestoadvanceyogatherapy globally with the U.S.NIH, Veterans Administration, medical universities/centers and other educational institutions.

Funds will go as scholarships for students to attend conferences and six budding researchers to present at a research conference, including from India; the Seva award for three well-defined and well-planned service projects for the underserved population; Developing an international board exam to increase credibility and ensure public safety, Diversity equity and inclusion (DEI) infrastructure and training program including boundary violation, sexual orientation, and sexual misconduct.  Donate Online

With her quiet and kind leadership, Ms. Matra Majmundar, a Rehab Therapist, Yoga Therapist, and Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, has been a pillar of the yoga therapy community for over forty years. As a foundational member she worked tirelessly as part of a core team to build up Yoga Therapy as a profession. As on its Board of Directors – including as a President for two terms ending in 2022. She wrote forward for IAYT’s publication: Yoga Therapy Foundations, Tools and Practice: A comprehensive textbook. Matra supported the organization’s mission in countless ways including, bringing significant experience in nonprofit board volunteerism. She believes wellness is an integral part of a community.

Research and clinical findings are to be implemented in the community wellness programs. She developed community wellness and individual lifestyle-based research projects. Her wide-ranging work includes – integrating yoga therapy in research, clinical settings, and community wellness. In addition, Matra’s areas of expertise include heart, lung, psych., and women’s health including lifestyle-related disorders.

Incoming president, Molly McManus complemented Matra as a devoted and generous leader. She said I encapsulate her many gifts and express the gratitude that I and many of our peers in the IAYT community, feel for Matra. During her time on the IAYT board, Matra Majmundar has been instrumental in helping the organization grow and change in ways it has wanted and needed to for years. Matra is a strong torchbearer for the importance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and was a key impetus in the creation of a DEI Task Force to oversee the charge of bringing these values into the organization at every level. She expanded DEI charge to cover boundary violation, Sexual orientation, and sexual misconduct. To ensure its implementation, Professional training is made available to the entire IAYT family – staff, yoga Therapy schools, members, and volunteers.

She has been a gentle guide during the challenges of a global pandemic, an economic downturn, and the collective movement toward raising awareness around race, equality, and equity issues. She encouraged staff, volunteers, and members to take care of themselves and each other by supporting the efforts to create town halls and long COVID training. She even met individually with many people to offer her gentle wisdom. Matra is always helping others, continuously gifting her time, and effortlessly promoting the excellent work of the people of this organization.

IAYT has also felt her generosity through fundraising, financial contributions, and careful attention to the need for sustained donations. Matra wants us all to remember to give, to be of service, and to put the larger whole at the top of our efforts. In the hope of illustrating Matra’s importance to our community, Robin Rothenberg, a board member, shared, “Matrais ever steady, present, and willing to offer her services, she has been a beacon for IAYT. I am grateful for her unflinching support, warm grace, and the sparkle of joy she sprinkles wherever she goes.” As Sue Tebb put it, “The word that comes to me first is devoted—devoted to whatever she takes on. D–dedicated, E–eager, V–visionary, O–optimistic, T–talented, E–energy, D–depth.”

Thank you, Matra. You will remain an inspiration to IAYT always!

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